Wednesday, May 22, 2013

I finally did it!

So today has been a interesting day.
At school we had a project where we picked a decade, and we were gonna cover a song of a genre popular in that decade and have a little presentasion :) It was fun, and my group which involved two singers, one trumpet and a french horn, got the 50's and we played "16 tons", done popular by Ernie Ford.

For lunch we used some money we had left after the school trip and bought 8 pizzas! :O 
It was so yummy :D:D

This was my outfit for the day:
(sorry but my outfit was cuter with my shoes on, but I was tired when I took the picture xP)

So here comes the big surprise I was talking about last blog post....

After school I and my friend Merethe went down town, for me to get a TATTOO!!!!
I have been wanting it for years now, and now I finally had an appointment :D

So we whent to a tattoo shop called Uncle Henrys and I got a wonderful artist to make a cupcake for me, with a banner saying "Be sweet to yourself".

 A very unflattering picture of me getting tattooed.
It was painful, but it was ok... I didn't cry! xP


The left picture is the tattoo before the coloring, and the right picture is the tattoo now.

I'm supposed to have the plastic on for at least 3 hours, but I think I will leave it on for tomorrow.
I will therefor post the finished result later :D 

I'm so happy and satisfied about the result, and with the coloring it became so cute :D
It was stinging a lot right after it was done, but now it's okay.

I just hope I don't get any problems with it the following days :)

Have a nice evening :D


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