Monday, May 27, 2013

My weekend

Hi guys :D
So if you haven't seen the final result of my tattoo jet, here it is :D

 On friday I had a exam in Music History and Analysis, and it was really heavy, but I think it went okei.
In the evening I went at a wedding dinner for some of my family.
I was pretty nervous for wearing black, but fortunately others were wearing black too, so no problemo :)

The wedding dinner was so simple and cute, and the new married couple was so adorable ;D

On Saturday I dressed up and went to my boyfriend to celebrates his stepbrother confirmation :)
Look at us being adorable :3

I was actually wearing a simple Lolita outfit :O :D
They had made so much delicious food, and I ate so much I felt sick afterwards :P

Yesterday and today I have been trying to study for my Norwegian exam, but I just fall asleep for every sentence I read xP I have also finished the first season of Glee, and I will continue to watch the other seasons too :)

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

I finally did it!

So today has been a interesting day.
At school we had a project where we picked a decade, and we were gonna cover a song of a genre popular in that decade and have a little presentasion :) It was fun, and my group which involved two singers, one trumpet and a french horn, got the 50's and we played "16 tons", done popular by Ernie Ford.

For lunch we used some money we had left after the school trip and bought 8 pizzas! :O 
It was so yummy :D:D

This was my outfit for the day:
(sorry but my outfit was cuter with my shoes on, but I was tired when I took the picture xP)

So here comes the big surprise I was talking about last blog post....

After school I and my friend Merethe went down town, for me to get a TATTOO!!!!
I have been wanting it for years now, and now I finally had an appointment :D

So we whent to a tattoo shop called Uncle Henrys and I got a wonderful artist to make a cupcake for me, with a banner saying "Be sweet to yourself".

 A very unflattering picture of me getting tattooed.
It was painful, but it was ok... I didn't cry! xP


The left picture is the tattoo before the coloring, and the right picture is the tattoo now.

I'm supposed to have the plastic on for at least 3 hours, but I think I will leave it on for tomorrow.
I will therefor post the finished result later :D 

I'm so happy and satisfied about the result, and with the coloring it became so cute :D
It was stinging a lot right after it was done, but now it's okay.

I just hope I don't get any problems with it the following days :)

Have a nice evening :D

Sunday, May 19, 2013

The Russetid is over and time for exams

Hi again! Long time no see, but I have been spending my time partying, being with friends, school and chilling out :)

So since 17. May the national day of Norway was our last day as Russ, I know wanted to share some photos of what I have been doing. 

Last time I told you about the Russ "baptism" and I was baptized "Lolita", and it was such a funny night with music and everything, even though the weather shifted between sun and snow xP

Some friends of mine :) After the convention with all the  Russ at my school, some of us when to a friend and ate burgers we bought at the way:D


Some camhoreing after I got my hat back at the Russ "baptism"

So trough the weeks we are russ we can to different "knots" (which we show on a string which is on our hat), which is kind of Russ tasks, some are pretty stupid, many are about drinking and sex, but I only did nice girl "knots" :P

So some of the knots I did was these:
(some pictures are borrowed by my best friend Merethe :3)
         Me and Nanna crawled in to the store and asked                  I ate a Russ card 
                the staff to take down beer and bought it :)                   (it tasted horrible :S)

We sat under the desk for a whole class our (this is Merethe :3)

And I drew a picture of me and my favorite teacher Siri, were we travel trough time and space trough the history of language and literature, and handed it over to her :3

I also did; be a cat a whole day at school, stick 10 nice comments on 10 different cars, and kissed the cafeteria lady on her cheek :) 

So the Russtid ended at our national day last Friday.

And we celebrated it by walking and singing our schools Russ song in the 17. May Russ parade :D
(Picture borrowed by my dad <3 I look crazy xP)

So this has been a really funny period, but now I have to really study for the exams.
I got all written exams in Norwegian Bokmål, Norwegian Nynorsk ( if you don't know we have to official written languages here in Norway -.-') and Music History and Analysis (I think I can call it that :P)

Another thing that happened sice last time I blogged is:

That I have now given away my lovely cat Pusen. I just couldn't take care of it anymore, due to money, summer vacation, and that I fortunately is going to move this fall to go to college :S
It's sad,but I know we will get a lovely home, and he really deserves it :)

So I will do my best at the exams, and I will may not be blogging to much again, but stay tuned at Wednesday cuz' I have a big cute surprise for you :D:D

Love you guys :3:3

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