Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Purple and pastel hair all the way

Hi cuties<3
I'm so sorry I'm a bit lazy about the blogging nowadays, but so it is when I have several exams in just a few months, and the studies takes all the energy of me :S It will may be a little break on this blog, or I will not blog that much because of school so I hope you understand :(

So I have some outfits again (I have been a good girl taking some pictures xP) but first i have to tell you: I have dyed my hair purple!!!
It was supposed to become more pastel at the top and fade over to darker purple, but since my hair does what it wants itself, it became more purple allover. It is more silver at the top though, and I know it will fade a bit soon, but I'm happy about the result anyways :D

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Here is my outfit last Friday:

I was inspired by my purple hair and the creepy-cute look and I think it became nice with my new super cute tulle skirt from DreamV :D:D:D

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On saturday I was just chillig out with no special make-up or outfit, but on Sunday I went on a family dinner and to the cinema with my two stepbrother and I wore this:

I was inspired by a little more anime-like make-up and my outfit was casual with a nie top from DreamV :D (What do you think? :D)

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So the last two days I have been tired (as any other Monday and Tuesday I guess xP) and today I went for a simple ponytail and almost no make-up xP Fortunately we're finished with the Buddhism test we had today and I think I did well, and I finished some cleaning, vocal practicing and submission task in Norwegian :D 

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So now I'm planning on playing some Animal Crossing and watch a movie<3
Good night 。(⌒∇⌒。)


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