Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Magical Mystery Tour - A The Beatles Consert

I'm really sorry I haven't blogged the past week, but this is why. Me and the rest of the music students at school had a big year project week that ended with a big The Beatles concert!

So everyday we have been practicing singing and dancing over and over again for the premiere on Friday and concerts on Saturday and Sunday too.

Here are some lovely photos of it:
(This is not my photos, but taken by friends, so I watermarked them for no futher use!)
Here you can see me dancing xP (me in yellow and pink!) We were singing "It won't be long" and 7 singers had one line solo each xP

Here is lovely Juna and Torbjørn from my class singing "Here comes the sun" with the first-graders.

Here did all the music students sing a choir classic version of "Can't by me Love" <3

These are some of the wonderful singers in my class singing "Help" in full acapella.

Some "bad"-boys singing "I feel fine" in 7/8 instead of 4/4 which is usually goes in. xP
(music student humor)

Full sax arrangement 

The whole choir singing "Love is all you need. I'm in the hippie costume With my friend Line holding around me <3
Three handsome guitarists playing "Norwegian Wood" with fake mustaches xP

The final song was "A day in the life" with my classmate Fredrick on leed vocal and all the music students in the choir! So magical!

I also sang a solo song in a medley containing three songs. I sang "Here, There and Everywhere" and my friends Line and Anna sang "In my Life" and "Let it be". Sadly I don't have any photos of that yet, but I will update you if I get some<3

We were finished Sunday 07:30 PM, and everyone was exhausted  But it was so fun and a little sad 'cause it was the last big project for me and the other third-graders!

We were back at school 08:00 am Monday morning and now we just have to survive this week before the winter break hits in!
Have a nice evening<3

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  1. Wow! the project sounds amazing :D I bet you guys were really great <3


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