Wednesday, January 9, 2013

What I like with Anime

So I borrowed this survey from a Norwegian blog called Alchemist :)
Enjoy <3
How do you prefer your anime: dubbed or subbed?
Deffinately subbed! but I love to watch Pokémon dubbed on English or best on Norwegian<3

Because I love the Japanese language and I feel it's more natural and that you get the essence better with broken english subtitles than with stupid american voiced dubbes xP
How often do you watch anime?
I have periods, but I try to watch one episode each evening :3
Do you watch anime online or do you buy it? 
I have never bought anything and I watch almost everything at  or at Chrunchyroll
In your opinion, what is the best genre? 
I have no idea :S but I think comedy, fantasy and a little romance.
Have you ever finished an anime in 24 hours?
Many times. Often when I first starts a series I finish it the same day. Some examples are A-Channel, Dog Days, Vampire Knight and Denpa Onna to Seishun Otoko.

What was your first anime?
Love Hina watched on youtube in 8. grade. 

What is your favorite anime? Feel free to add more than one.
Deffinately A-Channel!!!! 
But also K-on! season 1., Chobits, Lucky Star, Poyopoyo and Sword art Online <3

If you could choose any characters to come to life, who would they be? 
already have a best friend ho is much a like Toru from A-Channel, and I love her. But would love to meet Kirito from Sword art Online cuz he's just too cute <3 and of cource all the pokemons! xD
What is the worst anime?
That have to be Astarotte no Omocha! I just don't see the deal with it and it creeped me out too much :S

What do you think is the most well known/popular anime? You can list multiple choices if you like.
I would say Naruto, Death Note and Hetalia is the big mainstream ones I always hear annoying kids talk about -.- 

Do you like them?
I have seen Death Note my self though and I liked it a lot :D I think i will check out Hetalia, but I have a feeling I won't like it too much. I will never see the full series of Naruto though, because of this popularity. I have seen some episodes though, since my boyfriend likes it, but I don't think it's that big a deal.
What anime are you currently watching?
I'm watching:
Ore no Imouto ga Konnani Kawaii Wake Ga Nai (Oreimo), Poyopoyo Kansatsu Nikki and My Ordinary Life.

Who is the most kick-butt female character?
I think I have to say NANA from NANA. I have only watched half the series, but I remember she was so awesome! And so badass!

Who is the most annoying character?
That have to be the other NANA form NANA xD I just hated her -.- my be also Panty from Panty and Stocking with Gartherbelt xD

If you could be in any anime show, what show would you be a character in?
That's pretty easy! Pokemon definitely!!! it would also be awesome to be in K-on! :D
Most underrated anime and/or manga in your opinion?
Difficult. I actually have no idea :S
Most overrated anime and/or manga in your opinion?
I would say may be Vampire Knight only because it seemed like people thought it was the best anime ever, and I didn't think that at all.
Do you like hentai? 
if you mean the real porn version with oversize breasts and tentacles, no! xD but I have nothing against more normal like sexual scenes in anime.  
Do you like yaoi or yuri?
njaaa... well not full yaoi or yuri series. I think for example the series Yuru Yuri just creeps me out -.-. But elements of it in other animes are cute I think xP

If you could claim credit for one anime what would it be?
ehhh... don't know xD
Maybe Chobits since I love science-fiction and I love the art in the series. Chi is so beautiful<3

I'm sorry if you got confused by some of my explanations, but just ask if you wonder about anything :)


  1. Nice answers :3
    I love SAO <3 I've also read a little of the manga in chobits ^_^

  2. Heh,so cute survey ^^ I really love SAO too *___*

  3. "Æ har mensen, men æ prøve å sje litt anime om kvelden likevel"

    1. okei... Periods betyr ikke bare mensen skjønner du -.-' betyr periode også ;)


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