Sunday, January 6, 2013

New design!

Now since Christmas is soon over, I had to change the design on my blog. I made everything except the writing on SAI, and it is really fun to finally, understand something about it.

I really hope that your like it :D

Yesterday it was really wired day, me and four of my friends went for something a Swedish company called ModelLab had in our town. We where going to get make-up from professional and then some photo shoots  All for free, if we didn't want to buy some of the photos. The problem was that our appointment started 2 pm, we waited two and a half our for our make-up which I think was weird on everyone of us, and then we waited to 06:30 pm for our photo shoot  They said they could not force us to be there for more than 4 hours, and since we where there for 4 and a half, we just had to go home and didn't have to pay for the make-up.

So we where actually just waiting the whole day xP

Today my boyfriend is visiting me and I'm gonna pack down all the Christmas decorations :S
Have a nice day<3


  1. Replies
    1. I used a drwaing program called SAI and made a lot of layers... I also used Photoshop for the writing, and paint to copy and paste the photos into the header on SAI :)

  2. Hei du!:)
    Takk for go`ord inne hos meg-stas:)
    ...og du godt nytt år!:)

    Grattis med ny header forresten-er alltid morro å skifte litt av og til....
    blir ny inn hos meg etterhvert også..har lovet meg selv å skifte med jevne ikke heeeelt ennå;)

    ..og fin årsplanlegger under her.-passetdegperfekt!:)

    Ønsker deg en flott søndag videre!
    Klem fra meg


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