Thursday, January 31, 2013

It's my birthday!

Hey!!! Guess what? Today it's my birthday and I'm 19! It's sad that I already feel a little old xP
It's been a really tiring birthday tho, I wad at school from 8am to about 5 pm and then it was straight home, and clean my apartment :)

I wore full lolita today, for the first time for too long!
I wore my pink Bodyline squirell party JSK, which I have almost never worn , and a pink Bodyline blouse. I think it was pretty fun to wear lolita again, but it was REALLY hot when I was standing in the choir for almost 4 hours today xP (sorry for dirty mirror xP)

Last night I also traded my Samsung Galaxy S2 for a Samsung Galaxy S3 with my dad, since he got a new one, and wanted to sell the S2, It's so nice and shiny, and actually takes much better pictures! :O

Got this lovely cupcake from my friend Line when I got to school xD (sorry for the bad photo, but I ate half of it, before I remembered to take a picture of it xP)

My boyfriend visited me today and I got a cooling pad which I really needed! Thanks dear<3

Then my mum and my litlle brother came for a visit too, with cake and some presents!
 I got some money, a girls night game, and a cupcake recipe book :D

Now I'm really exhausted, and are going to sleep really soon. Good night cuties<3


  1. Happy birthday sweet Churichan ^ u ^
    I hope you had a lovely day & that all your dreams will come true ^ v ^

  2. happy birthday sweetie!!!This is my fav outfit from you!!!It is so kawaii and wonderful *___*

  3. Belated happy birthday, sweetie!! ♥

    Btw, do you know why it is impossible for me to receive feed from your blog? :( does any other reader complain about this or am i the only one?? (I use bloglovin)

    1. Thanks allot! :D:D

      No I haven't gotten any other complains about that, but I don't think I have updated my bloglovin with this url, cuz I never use it myself :S I will check it up ;)

  4. Herreguuuuuud nå føler jeg meg som en dritt for å ikke ha sett dette før nå D:

    Gratulerer så mye med overstått, onee-chan! Greit at jeg kaller deg det? :3 Fullt lolita outfit på bursdagen er helt perfekt! :D


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