Sunday, January 20, 2013

Day two: Why and how you got into Fairy-Kei.

Well Fairy-Kei fascinated me a lot already before I started with Lolita and while I dressed in Lolita. But the last year I have been really inspired of fairy-kei styles on Tumblr. I noticed I started rebloging more and more Fairy-kei stuff than Lolita stuff.

Why, is pretty simple i think. I love everything cute, and childish, but unlike sweet lolita I can wear shorts, shorter more comfortable skirts, hoods, and at least have my hair more like it really is, instead of having to fix it perfect or wear a wig. I have pretty frizzy hair, and that looks pretty stupid with Lolita  but really OK and sometimes cute with Fairy-kei. It's also more acceptable for people around and its SO much easier to buy clothes in this style <3

My lates inspiration is really Moco! love her style and her blog <3

So that's actually it. :) Have a nice day <3

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  1. I agree with u..I really like lolita but I dress it rarely because I think it has a lot of rules and I love mini skirt and shorts :D and this girl is so kawaii <3


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