Tuesday, January 29, 2013

☆ Day three: A picture or video of your bedroom.

So in the Lolita Challenge you saw pictures of my lovely old bedroom. But as some of you maybe know, I moved into my own little apartment, but did never show it to you... so now I finally will! This video is filmed by some months ago, but there are no changes except some cute stuff lying around XP

Have a nice day<3


  1. Replies
    1. hehe, thanks :D Well I don't like it cu'z it makes the place REALLY dark, and I need my light xP

  2. I'm jealous!I love it all! I hope to move out soon as well, but how can you afford it? You lived with your boyfriend before, how do you manage to stay alone with all the expenses?

    1. Well, my grandmother lives upstairs, and my father pays her a little amount for electricity use and such things. The only thing I pay myself is internet, food, stuff for my cat and stuff I need. So.. I'm a little spoiled when it comes to this, but it's really helpful for me to practice future households where I'm gonna do EVERYTHING myself :)

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