Monday, January 14, 2013

Day 1: 5 things you like and 5 things you dislike about Fairy-Kei.

So this is my first post in this Fairy kei Challenge, and by the title you'll understand what it's about.

 The freedom within the style! There are no really strict rules to follow, and therefore it's more fun to wear.
 Fun, but casual. After wearing Lolita for a while, I love to lean back on fairy kei, where I can go in hoodies an skirts and still feel pretty even though my hair is frizzy and no perfect.
 Homemade goods. Of course you can have homemade accessories and clothes in other styles too, but I think Fairy Kei is a little more simple. And also here doesn't things have to be perfect.
 The colors  This is my main reason maybe I like fairy kei. I love all pastels, but I think you also can mix these pastels with black, to get a more "creapy" look.
 Easy to find supplies for Fairy kei in normal stores! Children sections, normal stores for adults  homemade stuff from hobby stores. Yea everywhere! So much easier than in Lolita.

5 Dislikes:

 Being looked down on, like you're dressing like a child! Even though I don't think is that bad like it was for me wearing pretty sweet Lolita.
 Hard to find clothes for it in regular stores in the fall and winter. Why do people have to wear dark sad colors when it's cold and dark outside?! :(
 Quite small community  I have said before that there is quite a few Lolitas here in Norway, but there are some, but I have NO idea if there is any Fairy-kei girls, and I have never heard of any big international communities.

I'm so sorry but I don't think I have any more dislikes on this aspect.
What is your likes and dislikes of Fairy Kei?

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  1. I hate when people told me that I look liek a child,,,I have never seen a child with that cute clothes :D And I don't know about any fairy kei comunity too :( *___*


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