Thursday, January 10, 2013

Christmas gifts

Now I'm finally gonna show you what I got for Christmas:)

Two headsets! I got the black one from my boyfriend and the silver one from my little brother :)

Some candy and two christmas stocings from some relatives of Oshiro, my grandmother and my mother.

This one was funny, but I got a popcakes iron by my mother and stepfather.

Also got a book from my mum and stepfather, Sim 3 Four Season from my boyfriends parents and some lovely wool sock knitted by Oshiros grandmother.

I got what I wished for from my dad, a disk encolsure with USB3 and 1T :D

I got some lovely Christmas decorations from Merethe
I also got a frog, a pocket warmer and some Christmas tree clippers from Merethe and a lovely perfume by Nanna<3

And a cute pillow.

I also got some cute dishes, but I forgot to take some pictures of them :(
There was also some money and a gift card at a game store :D

Have a nice day<3


  1. Great gifts~ c:The popcakes maker... I need to find out where I can buy that! xD

  2. Aww you have gotten such wonderfull gifts!! (。◕‿◕。) ♥

  3. btw. I have a bad feeling that the pocketwarmer will ruin everything it tuches... so don't use it. just look at it... <3


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