Thursday, January 31, 2013

It's my birthday!

Hey!!! Guess what? Today it's my birthday and I'm 19! It's sad that I already feel a little old xP
It's been a really tiring birthday tho, I wad at school from 8am to about 5 pm and then it was straight home, and clean my apartment :)

I wore full lolita today, for the first time for too long!
I wore my pink Bodyline squirell party JSK, which I have almost never worn , and a pink Bodyline blouse. I think it was pretty fun to wear lolita again, but it was REALLY hot when I was standing in the choir for almost 4 hours today xP (sorry for dirty mirror xP)

Last night I also traded my Samsung Galaxy S2 for a Samsung Galaxy S3 with my dad, since he got a new one, and wanted to sell the S2, It's so nice and shiny, and actually takes much better pictures! :O

Got this lovely cupcake from my friend Line when I got to school xD (sorry for the bad photo, but I ate half of it, before I remembered to take a picture of it xP)

My boyfriend visited me today and I got a cooling pad which I really needed! Thanks dear<3

Then my mum and my litlle brother came for a visit too, with cake and some presents!
 I got some money, a girls night game, and a cupcake recipe book :D

Now I'm really exhausted, and are going to sleep really soon. Good night cuties<3

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

☆ Day three: A picture or video of your bedroom.

So in the Lolita Challenge you saw pictures of my lovely old bedroom. But as some of you maybe know, I moved into my own little apartment, but did never show it to you... so now I finally will! This video is filmed by some months ago, but there are no changes except some cute stuff lying around XP

Have a nice day<3

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Cute stuff helps when you're ill

Hi guys! Today I was at school for only a few hours mainly for a test we had. After that I went home cuz' I felt really crap, and I just got more and more ill. This is a really bad time for me being ill since me and some classmates are playing a concert tomorrow to recruit new students to our school for fall. And on top of that we're having our big music project soon where I obviously gonna sing in the choir and a solo!

So Today I have been just chilling out and resting my throat so I can do my best tomorrow.
BUT! Things that makes every day better is cute stuff, and today I got another kawaii cellphone cover!

I just love Korillakkuma! he's so cute!<3

I also want to show you some other cute stuff I've gotten recently.
Some lovley ballpoint pens of Rilakkuma and his friends <3

This is my diary this year!
When I first found it on eBay I totally fell in love! It looks so classy, with lovely details.

You can use it as both a schedule and I diary and for each moth you can write down you budget. 

There are also pages for cultural events you are attending and lists for different use.

You can write importan stuff in the weeklyplan.

The daily record is the diary part where you can record the weather, your mood, health and ect. You can also track what you have used money on and how much for each day. And of course you can write anything you feel like on the sides.  :D

These are the lovely stickers which came with the diary <3

I'm also using some ther cute stickers I ordered, to make my diary more personal and interesting for reading later :)

So now I'm at my BFs place gonna go to sleep early.
Have a nice evening everybody<3

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