Monday, December 17, 2012

School trip! :D

So last night around 11 pm I finally came home from the school trips which started on Wednesday evening. Understand me right, I had a great time, but nothing is like home xP

Our train went around 11 pm from my hometown to Oslo, the capital of Norway. Unfortunately there were some problems with the train so we couldn't go before about a hour later -.-
The night went by looking out of a completely black window, some Sailor Moon S episodes, and trying to sleep sitting in the really uncomfortable seats :P

We arrived Oslo around 7 am and went straight to the hotel and ate breakfast.

Our first visit on the plan was the Norwegian College of  music, and we got a tour and some students told us about the school.

Later we got some time for our own, and we stopped by the National Theater and saw the statue of one of Norways biggest actresses, Wenke Foss :D love her<3 Then we went to the Opera and Ballet! I have never seen it for real before and it was so awezome to get a tour around and look at the wonderful costumes and backdrops :D
          (Merethe, me and Nanna outside of the Opera and Ballete :)  )                                   (Wenke Foss)                        

My Outfit for the day was this:
Merethe was a lovely photographer for me xP

In the evening we went to the Opera and Ballet again, to watch The Nutcracker ballet <3
And this was my outfit:
It was absolutely stunning, but it was really hard to stay awake since none of us slept (almost) at the train the night before xP

Friday we went to the pop center of Norway, and the national gallery! We got a really nice tour, and watched the original paintings of Edward Much :D
I wore a pretty simple outfit this day:

In the evening the whole class went for dinner at an Indian resistant and this was my outfit:

Later that evening me and my friends went out at a karaoke bar, and had a great time!

This was the only stress free day of the whole trip xP So me and Nanna went out shopping all day. Unfortunately I only found one store, but I bought a lot from it! It was called Neo Tokyo and was a japan and anime store! I loved it so much. This is what I bought:
I sure had to buy some lovely strawberry Pocky <3

I'm a big fan of stickers, and these remembered me of the Pokemon stickers I bought earlier  so I had to buy them.

 Stickers form one of my favorite Anime. 
 I found this mini album too! I was so happy when I found 2NE1 in a Norwegian store<3

There was a lot of lovely postcards/artwork with it too<3

Some Rilakkuma stickers:) 

A gyaru magazine with a free make-up bag.

Lovely make-up tutorials<3

I found a lovely Rilakkuma calender too, and can't wait to get it up on my wall<3

 And finally I bought this Poyo pillow! Love him so much in the anime <3

My boyfriend does approve <3

So yesterday it was full chaos, we checked out from the hotel around eleven and me and Nanna went straight away to some friends of her to deliver some Christmas gifts, an hour from Oslo. We where going to take the train to the airport and then the plane home. Unfortunately the train was REALLY late, so we had to drive all the way, with lots of traffic and snow chaos. We didn't make it to the airport for the check in, even though the plane was late too! So we tried asking a lot of people working there for help, but no one wanted to help us, and i fast notices that there was a lot of chaos with other peoples plane too -.- Then me and Nanna rang our friends from our class who sat on the train home, and fortunately it was to free seats! So we ran down the stairs and took the train home for about 8 hours instead for a 1 hour plane trip xP

Well well. We had a great time, and I'm so happy we got home by the train at least :) Sorry for a really long post, and have a great week<3


  1. aww so cute post!!I really adore ur hair and I especially love the last outfit ^___^ also love ur gets,my fav are the mahou shoujo stickers <3

  2. Looks fun! ^^ Love the stuff you bought, especially the Rilakkuma calender. :3 Oh and i have the same 2NE1 album. Overall lovely post. ♥

  3. A: Yes I also really love the hair dyes!! But I was at a small market so they just had that one left ;_; But it's my own colour so that's good! ^^ And yes the place we were living at was really beutiful, i wish i could move there in the future! Hihi~

    But now I have to ask u something! Where do you get the magazines?? I've been looking everywhere but I can't find them ;_; Help!

    1. A: Well this one is bought at Neo Tokyo in Oslo. I never find magazines like this in my home town though :( But you can buy it from eBay or just search a bit. I can't remember any websites, but I know there are a lot where you can order many Japanese magazines :)

  4. Åååh, så utrolig fine innkjøp og antrekk! Jeg sitter liksom her med hjerter i øynene da, haha. Digger hele dette innlegget, og det høres ut som om du hadde det kjempekjekt til tross for det med fly og tog! ;P

  5. You are too cute for words! Sounds like a really fun trip!

    <3 Melissa

  6. Your hair is so amazing <3 I envy you! <3


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