Saturday, December 8, 2012


Since I'm graduating the upcoming spring I'm becoming a Russ! This is a celebration we have here in Norway for graduation from High school.

So one of the things we have is so called russ cards, and today we took some photos, so our proud grandparents can have it on the wall and we can have some funny ones on our "business"cards.

So here are my "normal" photos:

I didn't like these photos though... DERPY
But for my russ card, I chose this photo:

Have a nice weekend<3


  1. A: thihi aaaaw thank u!♥♥

    I'm graduating this summer too! and woooow do u have red hats in norway?? we just have white ones here in sweden... -.-

    1. we have red, blue and black, which is the most normal, but you can also find green and may be orange. Everything for different high schools and studies. ;)


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