Monday, December 24, 2012

Merry Christmas

Hi guys! Sorry for not posting this earlier but it has been so much stress right before the hollydays now, and now I'm finally in Bodø to celebrate Christmas with my BF and his family<3

Here are something I hope I can rap up this evening! (here in norway we get our presents on Christmas eve;) ):
1. Several Disney classics on DVD for my collection.
2. Sims 3 supernatural and seasons.
3. long and cozy wool socks
4.  A really kawaii backpack <3
5. 3DS in pink.
6. Animal Crossing on DS or 3DS if I get that too! (I already have the Pokemon game xP)
7. a BIG computer bag for my 17,3" beautiful laptop <3 ( I know I got one from my Mum<3)
8. Headset is a must now, cuz my old ones is falling apart :P
9. Last but not least, MONEY! so I can  order all the wonderful stuff from the internet<3

I don't think I will blog much while I'm here, so see you when I'm home guys<3

Merry Christmas<3


  1. merry christmas! :D we are just finished and I have changed into my kawaii new pajamas *v* so cosy and warm >w< gonna be lovely to sleep tonight <3
    I hope you got some of the things you wanted!! ^^


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