Sunday, November 18, 2012

Weekend nr. 46!

This weekend has been a bit of everything xP

I was home form school since I felt really crappy, with headaches and a flu like feeling in my body :S So I spended my day with watching TV, sleeping and doing some homework. When the evening came, I got the spirit back, and starting blogging MANY posts for a upcoming challenge, and drawing for another one  :D

I also got these super cute accessories from Chocomin in the mail, my first order from them and I loved it <3

I was just chilling around, doing a little homework, adding a lot of my own clothes into polyvore and starting sewing again on some projects I have with some of my Lolita clothes :)
Two packages came also today! The first one was a part of my boyfriend s Christmas gift and the other one was a biiig Jurassic Park jumper :D It's so comfy!

I also went to a little flea market at my school where I got one top, two hoodies and one jumper for only about 10$ and usually one of these hoodies costs at least 25$ each here in Norway o.O

In the evening I dressed up and went to a pub where my father and his band were going to play. It was so little, so every one almost sat on each other  Two of my friends came too and the band was great! Can't wait to hear them live again :D

Here is my outfit:

Today I'm really sleepy and I'm gonna have a really slack off Sunday xP 
Have a great day :D:D <3<3


  1. svar: ja det är verkligen det finaste som finns! ^^

  2. answer: No I don't like her voice in this song eather, but i like her song bubble pop! ^^

  3. you are so cute!!!I love yr hair and I'm envy about these chocomint accessories,also perfect jurassic park sweater ^^

  4. you are so cute and so is your blog!
    i love chocomint, they have the best accessories for nice prices <3

    I'm following you now! :33

    Stella's Ice Age~


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