Thursday, November 8, 2012

Got braces!

I have mentioned earlier that I have been having some trouble with my teeth. I have been running back and forth from the dentist, and now it's finally done. Again.

I've gotten braces :S 

I had braces when I was in 6. grade or something, but they took 'em off all ready after a year, and since my jaws wasn't fully grown, everything got fucked up. -.- I have also a smaller upper jaw that under jaw, and that only makes my bite even worse :S

I'm not that happy that I have to go with braces now, especially since I'm 18. But I choose it my self, and I will rather be a brace-face some months now, than have a horse face the rest of my life xP

I will try to be positive about this and therefore I drew a simple drawing in paint of me with braces xP

Have you had braces?
Do you think braces is stupid and ugly? then why?

Have a nice day peeps <3


  1. I don't have braces or never had ones, but my ex boyfriend had them when we were dating. I think they are nothing that should affect anyones life too much, but honestly when I was a teen, I was glad I didn't have braces.

    Now that I'm older, I'm jealous of people who had braces as a teenager, they have the perfect teeth! I asked for braces some years ago when I noticed my teeth are getting misplaced and the dentist told me I don't need any and now my teeth are in really bad shape, definetly need braces.

    I remember my ex telling me he couldn't eat certain things with the braces on. Maybe that's the only bad thing with them. :P

    Is it possible to fix teeth after puberty?

    ~ Frillycakes ♥ ~

    1. Well it hurts like hell right now xD

      Of course you can have braces and fix your teeth after puberty! I see many adults having braces nowadays ;) only problem is that it's expensive :(

    2. Ugh..I hate going to the dentist, but it woudl definetly be worth it. I've just been thinking that why didn't I get braces while I've been home with my daughter while she's small, could've had theme for some time already...woudl have been great, because I'm spending so much time home. :)

  2. I had braces back when I was 12. I only had them on for 3 months because I couldn't take the pain. And my dentist was incredibly rude which made the whole experience that much worse.

    1. seriously?! o_O well I'm no big fan of my dentist eather, but he has become nice when I got older, and now I understand that he is a pretty good dentist :)

  3. ugh :D I hav enight braces and I hate them!!This drawing is soo cute ^^


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