Monday, February 4, 2013

☆ Day four: 5 of your style-icons.

Since I never get updated on names, this one is kinda difficult, but I will try at best.

1) I have already mentioned Moco

2) Lovely and really creative Swedish Pastelbat I also love her creepy-cute look <3

3) Mio Pastel Raindrops is a huge inspiration for me starting dressing more like Fairy-kei.

4) I found Pastel Ai by searching around for fairy-kei at youtube, and she have some lovely tutorials :D


5) And then I have to mention Serepuff who was one of the first ones introducing me for Fairy-kei



  1. Great style icons, they all look amazing! ♥

  2. I love all these beautiful girls,they inspire me too <3

  3. I nominated you for a blog award. Details are on my blog.

    I should do a post about my style icons :3 Pastel Ai would definately be on it.

  4. very cute gals !!! <3 I love such creativ people wich inspires me all the time ^^


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