Sunday, November 11, 2012

Art Atumn

So the last months I have been really into drawing and painting. My notebook has been filled with doodles of everything and then I just wanted to buy some new "art" supplies!
It's the cheap kind, but I think it all works just fine :D
The first and my favorite painting is from Sword Art Online the Anime series:

This is the original fan art I started with. I usually need something to look at cuz I'm a noobie at drawing xD

So this is the sketches.

Done with the paint.

And the finish result, with outlines.

The other one was from the Anime Lucky Star:

The original piece. 

The sketches. so much details o_O

 And finish with paint and lines. As you can see, my version is much closer that the original since I suck at proportions.
The last one is a drawing/painting I made by free hand.

 It's suposed to be my World of Warcraft character Churi Blood elf Hunter. But I feel I failed a little xP her face is fucked up, but well... better luck next time xD


  1. Åårh, herlige greier, det var kjempefint *0* Nå ble jeg så sykt inspirert av å se på animetegningene dine. Lenge siden jeg har tegnet anime! Elsker sånne søte pastellfarger <3

  2. hejsan~
    nu är det sista chansen att vara med i min månadens blogg-tävling då vinnaren vinner en länkning i form av en länkbild på vinnaren eller vinnarbloggens header i min vänsterspalt en hel månad! ^^
    hoppas du blir med!!


  3. Looks good! I always love to buy new art supplies ^^


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