Sunday, October 21, 2012

so tired !! ''>.<''

Again, this week has been exhausting :(
I have been working and working, and walked a lot so I can be "fit" and suddenly I just couldn't do anything -.- and this happened already after my 60 min. walk Wednesday afternoon! I didn't have energy to look at the computer o_O

I hate when this happens, and I have a feeling it just happens more often :( cause we have so much to do at school now :'( Every teacher wants us to do several projects at the same time!

So no I haven't done a lot of home work this weekend, even though I have been practicing a little with my singing. But I have just been chilling out, gameing, tumblring, sleeping, and yea... just relaxin'  :)

I just really hope the days goes fast, and that the projects turns out fine, so I can have Christmas, and be happy!!!! :D

This is my outfit from Friday by the way. The only day I was a little dressed up this week xP

Have a nice day cuties! <3


  1. I hope you get more energetic soon. ^__^
    Maybe you should do less exercise when you have a lot of school or you will get exhausted.

    Hihi..the hairbuns are so adorable!

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  2. Awwwf du er så zøt :3 hvordan får du til de "kulene" på håret ditt? Har du link til tutorialvideo eller noe? :D
    Kjipt med mye lekser og prosjekter, men det beste er jo når du faktisk kan slappe av etter det - først da innser du hvor mye fritiden er verdt <3 :D

    1. he he takk :D nei det har jeg ikke men kan vell lage det en gang ;) :D


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