Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween special!

Today its Halloween!!!!!
Well Halloween is not very big here in Norway  but it's growing. In the old days we had something called "julebukk" where the kids where dressed up like Norwegian Santa-clauses and sang outside the houses for candy :P Buuuut no one cares about it now xP

So I love Halloween more and more, and I started a little sooner, especialy since Halloween is on a Wednesday  (bummer!).

So first up was last Tuesday. I was wearing Lolita again as I said in the last post, but I didn't add the hair accessories before I got home. I wanted it to be kinda halloween inspired, for the evening.

 Then I made dinner for my BF hwo came home, and we sat down, to watch "Shutter Island" (it was fudged up o_O), and have a little halloween evening by ourselfes, with candy and soda :D
I also fired up some lights I bought the day before.
a cute spider-spin lightholder, and a big light with a skull on it :D
And these ones is my favorites! Pumpkin lights! :D

On Friday I went at a Halloween with my classmates, and I had been planning and been exited for it since the first day I got invited! :D

So I decided to be a broken doll, and since my best friend Nanna didn't know what to be, I dicided that we should twin :D
We used about three ours to get ready and I did the make-up and hair on both us. Sadly it was kinda rainy and windy when we went to the party so the hair got a little messed up. It was so funny to dress her up in Lolita, and not be Lolita at the same time (and sorry for her socks, but it was frezing like hell xP).

From left: My friend Marianne as a Lion, my best friend Merethe as angrybird, and Nanna and me.

Some posing. I love Merethes Angrybird head xD

Sorry for the blurry photo, but it was just to show to my arms better.
I absolutely loved how my knees turned out! :D Really creepy :D

Since it's finally Halloween today I had to have a Halloween inspired outfit too :D 
I was really happy with my hair today :D

I hope you gonna have a lovely Halloween!

Do you go halloween?
What do/did you dress up like for halloween?


  1. Aww, I love Halloween. <3
    And you look so pretty and creepy cute!
    So sad, here in Finland Halloween is not so big party... ):

    1. Well Halloween is not that big, but it has become bigger the past years. My parents hates it, and I only become interestet in it when I grew older ;) but I hate the kids!!! I want ma candy alone! xD

  2. I follow you and I hope you will reciprocate...

  3. For et flott innlegg! :D Synes antrekkene dine, både fra tirsdagen og onsdagen, var knallgode.
    Nei, jeg gikk ikke Halloween og har egentlig aldri vært så interessert i det, kanskje fordi jeg ikke har "ressurser" eller kreativitet nok til å kle meg ut, selv om det selvsagt hadde vært spennende å ha gjort det.

    sv: Ikke vær negativ! x3 Det er skikkelig tungt å være negativ, selv om det er lettere sagt enn gjort. Men du må tenke at du må gjøre ditt beste, og samtidig se fram til jul! Snø er da ikke såååå ille ;P

  4. I love ur headdress with skeleton hands,ur lights and ur last outfit !!! <3


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