Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Finally fall vacation! :D

Hi cutiepies! Now the autumn break finally arrived my school too, even though we only have two days and many other schools have a entire week :(

Anyways.. Our school day was short as always on Wednesdays, and I have been sleeping and watching TV almost all day when I got home. BUT I managed to finish the second book I had to read for my big Norwegian project.  The following days I will try to write as much as I can on the big Music prodject I have about J-pop, start to write on the Norwegian project, and sleep, eat and watch Anime :D
Today I have started on this Anime:
I think it is about some people getting stuck inside a MMORPG game where you wear a helmet when you play, and then it's about life or death, or something xP
So since I love games like this myself, I'm really exited for this, and it seems great so far ;)
Yesterday I finally cut my bangs again and trimmed my tips, so today I really felt for dressing up again! :D

I also made some creepy clips, which I will make a simple tutorial for later :D
Have a nice week peeps :D


  1. The anime sounds interesting! I'm going to check it out :) And cute creepy clips too.

  2. I love your hair in those photos, so adorable!

  3. Så søøøt du er! :3
    (Beklager at jeg skriver på norsk, men det er litt rart å skrive på engelsk med en som kan norsk, hehe xD)


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