Saturday, September 29, 2012

Week 39

So this week went SO slow -.-
I had a day of, and used my time, sewing, playing games and watching tv :P nothing special.

I was at school again and it was really boring. I went down town, for some shopping and bought the collectors edition of WoW: Mists of Pandaria (like you allreaddy know ;) Then I went to eat dinner with my father, and when I got home, I tried out my new game and made a video!

After a boring day at school and a hell of a time at the dentist (will may be talk about that later), I went to my boyfriend (which now lives to his mom again), and chilled the rest of the evening. Here is a outfit of that day:

Went to my boyfriend again which I will be the rest of this week, and did nothing special. I was supposed to take some outfit photos, BUT i forgot it:P

Finally weekend, and I tried to do some homework when I got home, but it ended that I fell asleep. I played WoW, and tried to eat some tacos (not easy due the visit to my dentist).

Today I have been trying to read as much as possible for my big prodject in Norwegian for school, and when I got really bored, I have been playing WoW (I am now over lvl 30 at my Pandaren! :D).


The rest of this little weekend I will try to do some more homework, and relax before the hell starts again on Monday 8 am :P

Have a nice weekend peeps! :D


  1. Awh thank you so much for all your sweet comments! It makes me all happy and bubbly inside! ^^
    Iiih what colour do you want on your hair? :3

    Hugs <3 /Hoshi


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