Monday, September 10, 2012

New backpack!

So for some weeks ago I finally got the backpack I ordered from Ebay this summer! But I have to say it was quite a disappointment.

I love the way it looks and the colors! It's just too cute!

But it was quite small so I couldn't fit much of my books into it with my laptop.

And if I packed it full I was pretty afraid of the straps to break, and the did that too not so long ago.

The textiles is the same kind as these bags and it's a pretty bad quality textile for everyday use. the stitches where falling apart, and I can't use it for school anymore.

So yea... I don't have more to say about it, but I was pretty unsatisfied about it even though I loved it's looks :'(


  1. So lovely! Your backpack has the cutest color combinations. So is this for your back to school?

    1. it was supposed to, but then it broke, so I didn't have the time to use it that much :(

  2. I have to agree that it looks very cute, but it sucks that the quality is not as good :/


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