Saturday, September 22, 2012

My week and outfit

So this week went really fast!
On monday I was at school for only four hours, because many of my classmates where out to play downtown for the opening of "Kammermusikk Festivalen" a music festival here in Trondheim.

 So later that day, I went to see my friends play, and they were awesome! :D

We had a day of on Wednesday, and I was just chilling around, except that I went to watch a play on "Kamfest" (kammermusikk festivalen) later that evening. I have written a review on its, which will be posted later.

Thursday was back to school and then we went on a really wired concert, and this was my outfit!
On Friday I actually wore Lolita and we got our class photo taken. I think it was awful, and my hair looks like mess! (Why didn't I wear a wig?! x'(. ) Later that day Laze came to me, and we ate taco and  had a great time :D
Today me and Laze

was invited to a birthday party for my little brother (7 years old!), and we ate pizza and cake :D

Now I'm just gonna enjoy the rest of my Saturday, and I hope you will have a great weekend! :D


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  2. Hei på deg:)
    Tusen takk for hyggelige kommentarer på bloggen-og sååå stas at du hadde lyst til å stemme på meg inne på NIB altså:)*smiler* Tusen tusen takk!

    ...ser forresten at du har fått deg nytt bloggdesign her! Synes det matchet det nye iphonedekselet ditt og stilen din supert-og er veldig deg:) Søtt:)

    Ønsker deg en superduper søndagskveld!
    Klemmer fra meg

  3. Syntes du ble supersøt med det blonde håret:)
    ha en fin uke!
    klem Cathrine

  4. Holy shit han med den gule/svarte rutete skjorta lignet på Michael Sommer xD

  5. Aw, haha, Han er en proffskater ( Favorittskateren min )


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