Monday, September 17, 2012

Clarinet concert and weekend!

Hi again!
So the days goes by so fast lately, I just don't understand! :P

So last Thursday I and some classmates of mine went to a concerts with Trondheim Symphony Orchestra  again, and this show was with a clarinet concert played by Kaija Saariho from Finland. I think it was pretty awesome, it was pretty crazy, but I really liked it :P

I also wore Lolita again on Thursday, even though it was a little toned down :P

On Friday I went to my boyfriend and my outfit was the second one above. I finally got Guild Wars 2 too, which I'm making a post about later.
So now the weekend is over, again, and I hope you'll have a great week forward :)

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  1. Your coordinate is so cute :) The pink polka dot dress is very pretty.


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