Sunday, August 19, 2012

New phone case again!

So today I made a new deco-case for my cellphone again! :D The old one, had been pretty damged and ugly after this summers working, so I wanted a new style before I started school again.

So here it is. I know it looks a bit crazy with lots of colours and stuff, but I really liked it this way. And I love the little bunny tail! :D

It actually just took about two hours to make it, but my desk was full of glue, and I had pretty sore fingres after being burned on the glue-gun a couple of times :P

I really hope you like it too, and I will write again soon :D

Do you decorate some of your electronics?
Do you like deco-stuff?


  1. wow! did you really decorate it all by yourself?!! haha! so amazing! it looks like a candy!! good job sweetie!!
    follow each others blog? let me know :D

  2. Wow you have a SUPER cute blog!! ^__^
    I love your lolita fashion~ And the little chibi girl below your profile is so cute! Great job on the graphics too~ Can't wait to see more from you :DD

    If you don't mind, check my blog out at c:

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