Saturday, August 18, 2012

I'm back!

Hi guys!!! I'm so sorry I haven't been blogging since before summer break, but I just haven't been feeling inspired to do it. As you may have noticed I have now changed my URL from Lolitayoghurt to Churichan. I don't consider myself as and all time Lolita anymore, and therefore I felt that my blogs name was inappropriate.  Since I'm starting at school again this Monday, I feel it is like a new beginning and I will try to blog more. I just hope you will continue to follow my blog :)

See you later next week <3


  1. yay! cool! a fresh new start for your blog! :D

  2. Ah, i guess that's why i lost your feed! people shouldn't change urls >_< they might lose lots of followers if they don't redirect their feed >.<


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