Monday, August 20, 2012

First day at school!

So today was my first day at school after a very short summer break :P for you who didn't know, all I did this summer was to work, drive (yea I got my drivers license!) and got the chicken cops! and I had only one week of real summer vacation, where I was just getting bored :P

Anyway, we met up at school about 12 pm, got some information, and then we could go home :P
But it was really nice to meet all my friends again <3 Here is a little outfit pic. too:

I just love my new knitted jumper with bambi! <3

So I also want to show you some of my school suplies this year :P

 I got a new cute binder with monsters on, and since I use my laptop for most of my notes, and I only need one notebook where I drew the front page by my self :)

 I used the pencil case and the frog calculator last year too, and I think they are so cute! I got a lot of new pens and markers with book stickers :D
At school we got two planers for free, but I think I will only use the one on top.

I love this years artwork on it, with my beautiful city as a background :D

The other one had a lot of coupons in it so that's pretty useful :D

After school I visited my dad where we ate dinner, and chilled in the sofa :P
So now I'm home, and just chilling before a new day at school starts, have a nice day peeps! :D


  1. Sv; Haha thank you! ^^

    Awh super cute supplies! :3

    Hugs <3 /Hoshi

  2. Sv; Takk! ^^ Jeg elsker genseren din ;U;

  3. its good to hear you now have your driver's license!! congrats! i only have my SP :( and don't know how to drive yet huhuhu hehehe!!
    i'm now following you ^_^

  4. Hi Churichan (its kyutie from MAF)! Congrats on your drivers license. Your reindeer top is so cute too! I've added you on my links hope you don't mind :)


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