Thursday, August 23, 2012

22, almost to good to be Norwegian!

So today was a pretty awesome day! We where at school for only two hours and then we went down town, to go to a concert. For free! :D In the video you can see my classmates first playing, and my class standing at the front row! and at the ending of the video you can see me with my derpy "listining-to-slow-music" face! xP
Here are some photos
(N.B. taken by my cellphone, so be aware of the crappy quality)

 Some classmates of mine started the show!

 I have to say I was really proud :D

 Then a new singer-songwriter called Sigurd Julius was next, and had some great songs in Norwegian.

Then 22 came on the stage, and I was really happy I could experience them Live and on the front row!

 22 is a Norwegian band from Trondheim (where I live), who plays so called "New energy music" so they are pretty alternative.

 They just came home from tour in Japan and England, and I love how the painted their faces with glowing paint.                                              

 They did also play a song (can't remember the name :S)  which stands pretty close to my class since it was the song they played when they where at the funeral for my classmate who past 22. of July last year (I have told you before).        

It was just totally awesome! the guitarist was all over the place, and they played great!

One of my favorite songs... So proud, Love 'em! <3<3<3
 And here was my little silly outfit for today:

I did also eat at a restaurant with my BF today, and I will spend my evening chilling out watching tv.
Have a nice day <3

Monday, August 20, 2012

First day at school!

So today was my first day at school after a very short summer break :P for you who didn't know, all I did this summer was to work, drive (yea I got my drivers license!) and got the chicken cops! and I had only one week of real summer vacation, where I was just getting bored :P

Anyway, we met up at school about 12 pm, got some information, and then we could go home :P
But it was really nice to meet all my friends again <3 Here is a little outfit pic. too:

I just love my new knitted jumper with bambi! <3

So I also want to show you some of my school suplies this year :P

 I got a new cute binder with monsters on, and since I use my laptop for most of my notes, and I only need one notebook where I drew the front page by my self :)

 I used the pencil case and the frog calculator last year too, and I think they are so cute! I got a lot of new pens and markers with book stickers :D
At school we got two planers for free, but I think I will only use the one on top.

I love this years artwork on it, with my beautiful city as a background :D

The other one had a lot of coupons in it so that's pretty useful :D

After school I visited my dad where we ate dinner, and chilled in the sofa :P
So now I'm home, and just chilling before a new day at school starts, have a nice day peeps! :D

Sunday, August 19, 2012

New phone case again!

So today I made a new deco-case for my cellphone again! :D The old one, had been pretty damged and ugly after this summers working, so I wanted a new style before I started school again.

So here it is. I know it looks a bit crazy with lots of colours and stuff, but I really liked it this way. And I love the little bunny tail! :D

It actually just took about two hours to make it, but my desk was full of glue, and I had pretty sore fingres after being burned on the glue-gun a couple of times :P

I really hope you like it too, and I will write again soon :D

Do you decorate some of your electronics?
Do you like deco-stuff?

Saturday, August 18, 2012

I'm back!

Hi guys!!! I'm so sorry I haven't been blogging since before summer break, but I just haven't been feeling inspired to do it. As you may have noticed I have now changed my URL from Lolitayoghurt to Churichan. I don't consider myself as and all time Lolita anymore, and therefore I felt that my blogs name was inappropriate.  Since I'm starting at school again this Monday, I feel it is like a new beginning and I will try to blog more. I just hope you will continue to follow my blog :)

See you later next week <3

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