Sunday, June 10, 2012

My little pony and movies!

This weekend has been totally awesome! This friday, me and my BF went downtown to a manga/anime and Japan store called Outland, were he was going to buy some new World of Warcraft books.

Since me and Lasse has our 2nd anniversary soon, Lasse bought this super cute t-shirt for me :D I can't wait to wear it :D

I also saw this book and just had to buy it. There was a lot of nice pictures, but some creepy too :P

Here is some of my favorites:

At last I bought two new disney classics for my growing collection. And two three-in-one movies :D

This friday, we were babysitting my younger brother and it was so nice, with movies, good food and such a great time.

Last night me and Lasse went to a birthday party at my friend Helene and we had such a great time, with dancing, candy and singing :P

Unfortunately I was going to take some pictures of my outfits this week, but my laziness took over:P
See ya! :D


  1. Ohh! How much did you pay for the gothic&Lolita book? :D

  2. Got interested..what's creepy in the gothic&lolita-book? :P

    1. ha ha nothing serious, but creepy looking people with creepy clothes :P

  3. arwww i wish i also could visit such a japan store *-* your purchases are great, especially the photo book seems to be pretty inspiring :'33
    ♥ ♥


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