Monday, June 25, 2012

Bringing back the childhood!

(warning: Big haul, picture heavy!)

So last Tuesday I finally went bicycling by my self and ended up at Toys 'R' Us! I haven't been there for years, and finally I could let out my inner child, for real :P I must first say, that I did have any My Little Pony stuf when I was little, and since I love the new generation of it I could wait for getting some stuf :D

So I really love Pokémon, and when I saw these cuties on sale I just had to buy them! I wish that I had Vaporeon too, since that is my favorite Pokémon, but I will find it soon :D

Unfortunately there wasn't too much of MLP at the store, and even though I really wished to find a simple Fluthershy doll, there was no such. But I really liked these two though.

I would be satisfied with only Rainbow Dash, but the little squirrel is cute though :P I'm almost thinking of cutting a little bit of her mane, since it's originally not this long, but I'll thinking about it :)

I have never seen her before, but her name is Blumsweet, and I couldn't resist since she remineded me of a mix between PinkyPie and Flytthershy :P

I had to buy this cute Pinky Pie keyring too, and two mystery bags :D

I just love it, it's just too cute, and I'm just amazed about the detailed hair of hers!

Just look at it!

These was the two I got from the mystery bags, two handsome ponies named Royal Riff and Twilight Sky :D

And finally I got a really cute poster, and I got it on my wall right away :D

The last thing I got from Toys 'R' Us was this cute little parasol! I've been looking everywhere for a cheap little thing like this, and I think after some fixing, it would be perfect for Lolita and such :D

I also went to a little pet shop nearby and got this, so I can walk my cat while we're visiting my mom this summer.

And I also found these cute stickers :P

At last I bought these DVDs a new Disney Classic, one of my favorites, Alice in Wonderland, and Thor! I love that movie so much. Since I'm Norwegian I know my history, and the Norse mythology is something I have always been interested in. So this kind of action movie is really something for me :D

So I hope this post wasn't that boring, and no I don't have that much money, so I really should stop this :P I'm also sorry for not being so active on Blogger nowadays. My summer vacation just started and today was my first day at my summer job. I can't promise any posts, but I will blog, when I have time and the inspiration :D I hop you're having a great summer, and just comment if you miss me :P


  1. Ahh I really love pokemon still too! Those figures look great!

  2. Yeah, pokemon was great :D I loved in childhood and I still have a fondness to it :)

  3. aww so kawaii,pokemons and mlps from luckypacs,they looks so wonderful and sparkling ^^

  4. I will NEVER stop loving pokemon. I want to go buy some toys now too, but I can't because I'm completely broke T___T

  5. ive gien you a blog award lovely!

  6. You have won the liebster blog award ^^


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