Monday, June 25, 2012

Bringing back the childhood!

(warning: Big haul, picture heavy!)

So last Tuesday I finally went bicycling by my self and ended up at Toys 'R' Us! I haven't been there for years, and finally I could let out my inner child, for real :P I must first say, that I did have any My Little Pony stuf when I was little, and since I love the new generation of it I could wait for getting some stuf :D

So I really love Pokémon, and when I saw these cuties on sale I just had to buy them! I wish that I had Vaporeon too, since that is my favorite Pokémon, but I will find it soon :D

Unfortunately there wasn't too much of MLP at the store, and even though I really wished to find a simple Fluthershy doll, there was no such. But I really liked these two though.

I would be satisfied with only Rainbow Dash, but the little squirrel is cute though :P I'm almost thinking of cutting a little bit of her mane, since it's originally not this long, but I'll thinking about it :)

I have never seen her before, but her name is Blumsweet, and I couldn't resist since she remineded me of a mix between PinkyPie and Flytthershy :P

I had to buy this cute Pinky Pie keyring too, and two mystery bags :D

I just love it, it's just too cute, and I'm just amazed about the detailed hair of hers!

Just look at it!

These was the two I got from the mystery bags, two handsome ponies named Royal Riff and Twilight Sky :D

And finally I got a really cute poster, and I got it on my wall right away :D

The last thing I got from Toys 'R' Us was this cute little parasol! I've been looking everywhere for a cheap little thing like this, and I think after some fixing, it would be perfect for Lolita and such :D

I also went to a little pet shop nearby and got this, so I can walk my cat while we're visiting my mom this summer.

And I also found these cute stickers :P

At last I bought these DVDs a new Disney Classic, one of my favorites, Alice in Wonderland, and Thor! I love that movie so much. Since I'm Norwegian I know my history, and the Norse mythology is something I have always been interested in. So this kind of action movie is really something for me :D

So I hope this post wasn't that boring, and no I don't have that much money, so I really should stop this :P I'm also sorry for not being so active on Blogger nowadays. My summer vacation just started and today was my first day at my summer job. I can't promise any posts, but I will blog, when I have time and the inspiration :D I hop you're having a great summer, and just comment if you miss me :P

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Cabinet-door makeover

So I had this very plain and boring wardrobe, and suddenly I just 
felt like I had to fix the doors up a little :D

So I had a little pink ribbon with pearls and ect, which I ran down the left door, and cut out some inspiration from my Gothic Lolita Bible Magazine :)

 I have one GLB magazine and I felt so bad by not looking into it so much, so this was perfect to make my bedroom more Lolita inspired and great inspiration when I'm dressing up.

I also added the rest of the ribbon and made a bow on the left handle :D

Have a nice day guys :D

Sunday, June 10, 2012

My little pony and movies!

This weekend has been totally awesome! This friday, me and my BF went downtown to a manga/anime and Japan store called Outland, were he was going to buy some new World of Warcraft books.

Since me and Lasse has our 2nd anniversary soon, Lasse bought this super cute t-shirt for me :D I can't wait to wear it :D

I also saw this book and just had to buy it. There was a lot of nice pictures, but some creepy too :P

Here is some of my favorites:

At last I bought two new disney classics for my growing collection. And two three-in-one movies :D

This friday, we were babysitting my younger brother and it was so nice, with movies, good food and such a great time.

Last night me and Lasse went to a birthday party at my friend Helene and we had such a great time, with dancing, candy and singing :P

Unfortunately I was going to take some pictures of my outfits this week, but my laziness took over:P
See ya! :D

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Some new stuff and ear piercings!

Hi guys! it's a relaxing time at school nowadays :D We had a day of on Monday, and today, tomorrow and Thursday where gonna listen to the seniors exam concerts! and this Friday we have a day of again :P

So today I was at school around 09:30 am and watched a lot of great exam concerts until me and my friend Nanna went down town :D

We had a great time, and this is what I bought this time:

So I haven't owned a jumper like this for some years, but they are so comfortable, and this cute one will be perfect for summer, when it's too cold by wearing t-shirts only :D

 Some weeks ago a Swedish store called Monki finally opened here in Trondheim, and I found this lovely shorts thing (have no idea what it's called in English :P), so today I finally bought it :D

These sandal shoes was something I hadn't planed to buy, but when I saw them, and tried them, I just had to have them! I love high shoes, but I'm not that good with heels so platforms is my favorite, and these will be perfect for summer :D

I also finally bought some silver earrings, since I "suddenly" became allergic from nickel, I haven't been wearing earrings for about two years! so today I finally got some. the two lowest and the one highest one (see left picture) where okay, so I hadn't any problems with them. But the four others where grown close (or what you call it) so I just had to push them trough :S As you can see I have only two on the left picture cuz' it was totally closed, and I had no chance to come trough it, but o well, I had only six piercings so it's okey :D

So now my ears hurting, and I'm watching Pokemon :P Have a nice day!

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