Thursday, May 17, 2012

Two parasols!

As you which have been following this blog for a while have maybe noticed that I have been wanting a parasol for a REALLY long time now! And at my treasure trip at my grandpas old house I found these two beauties! 

 So these are much smaller than normal umbrellas, but I think you can use them in light rain too :D There where in surprisingly good shape, even though the black one was a little ruined, but you can't notice it at all! :D

The black one is a little longer than the blue one, but they are so small and delicate!

 I absolute love the print on this one, and if it wont be too much rain the 17th of may (which is the national day of Norway), I will use this in a Lolita cord :D

 This one is perfect for a classic-gothic lolita cord, or something, and yea.. I can't wait to use it :D

Unfortunately there where no white ones, which is the one I have been trying to find for the last year, but oh well, I did not expect to find some old parasols from my family at all, so this is just perfect! :D

And today it is the national day of Norway! :D pictures of my outfit comes this weekend :D


  1. Aww!
    Those parasols are wonderful! Especially the black one <3

  2. aww, jeg liker den svarte skikkelig godt! :)

  3. Very beautiful! I love parasols too X3

    And Happy National Norway Day! :D Can't wait to see your outfit!

    Also, where do you get your graphics from? They're so cute!

    ~ Kieli ~


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