Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Treasures at old peoples house!

So In my last post I told you about my visit at my grandpas old house, and I found so much cool stuff!

So I just wanted to show you some random stuff :)

My grandma loved to decorate things, but the last years, she only bought stuff, but never used it, so I had to bring some of it home :)

I have always loved to 50's, I just had to have all these "Hits of the 50's" CDs :D

I also found this awesome  old camera!

 I don't think it works, but it was too cool to be laying in the trash.

And last but at least I needed these paintings! The big one is a print of a old norwegian painting, whish I always liked as a kid + the frame is so beautiful! The little picture was just too cute, and yea... :D

I also found some baking molds, kitchen supplies, some old clothes and I will make a post about my new digital camera I also got from this little visit, and two BEAUTIFUL parasols! So "stay tuned" :P

See ya! ='o',=


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