Thursday, May 3, 2012

New phone case! :D

So you have may be noticed that this wonderful case suddenly disappeared on my last outfit-pictures taken by my cellphone. And that is because it was so ruined that I had to take it of, and I really haven't had time to make a new one.

But this Easter I was in the creative corner and finally made one! 

It was a little random since I just added some random cute stuff, but I think it turned out pretty kawaii, and perfect for the spring and summer! :D

The white is cotton lace which I covered the whole case before I used my glue-gun and added perals, flowers, and other cute stuff :D
What do you think of my new case?
Do you have a decorated case for your phone? :D


  1. Cute!! I like your color choices! The butterfly is gorgeous!
    I've deco my phone before! And my little sisters mp3 too! But I can't deco my new phone…it has a rubber case! :P

  2. What a pretty case, you did a great job! I want to deco my new phone's case too, you just gave me some inspiration.

  3. it is sooo wonderful,adoe the big butterfly


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