Saturday, May 12, 2012

Hair the musical and too much to do!

Hi guys! so I'm so sorry I have been so boring lately, but nowadays we have our mock exams, and soon our real exams too! So a lot to do at school + I have no inspiration for my blog, and have no idea of what I can write about :)

So this week I had a mock exam in mathematics, and I really ope it when well.

On Wednesday me and some of my classmates went to the "Trondheim theater" to see the musical Hair!
 I have never seen it before, or watched the movie, so I was very exited.

 But this was perfection! the musicians and the singers where so awesome and it was so fun! And I have to say it, but GOD, so many beautiful people :P

A drawback is that the story vanished a little, and since I haven't heard the story before it was a little hard to know what was really happening :)

On Thursday, I went to the old house of my grandpa, with my mama, and found a lot of stuff (post about it comes soon).

But this weekend is gonna be chill, even though I have to read some history for a test I have on Monday morning. So wish me good luck ;)

Have a great weekend! :D


  1. Wow Hair musical looks great!

    Good luck with your test sweetie!!

  2. å vad skoj med musikal! Det är bara så underbart att fördriva tiden med! / emelie och elin

  3. endelig fikk jeg besøkt deg igjen:)
    HAIR er kul! bare sett filmen da..
    gleder meg til å se hva du fant på skattejakt hos bestefar.
    Ha en herlig uke!
    klem Cathrine

  4. This looks really entertaining! ^^

    Love from the NaNa girls xoxo


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