Thursday, May 31, 2012

Finally back :D

Hi guys! I'm so sorry I haven't blogged here on a while, but as I said I was having a mathematics exam last Friday, and since I had taken some pictures, but didn't get my camera after forgetting it at a friends place, by today, the blog post, comes now :)

So last Wednesday I wore Lolita again, and I have to say I LOVE this outfit :D:D it was also very hot, so it was almost too much to wear Lolita.

Even the matching sunglasses looked nice with this outfit :D

Some derpy photos which my friend Nanna took :P

 This Wednesday I also visited Lush for the (almost) first time, and the seller came up to me and told me it was pretty cool that someone wore Lolita! (No one knows what Lolita is here in Norway, Trondheim, so I was pretty shocked :P). She gave me a tour around the store, and I ended up buying some lovely dry shampoo, which smelled apricots :D

I bought some shampoo to, which you use in you scalp, and it should last longer than three normal sized bottles of liquid shampoo.

I also got some free samples of a body lotion and a honey soap.

 I was really happy about this products, and I will totally buy some stuff there again :D
 So I haven't told you but I was told to get some glasses for watching TV and driving and stuff, so last Wednesday I also got these. I really like them, since they're simple and I think they will fit everything :D
 Last week i got some mail, and I finally got this! It is supposed to make you legs more toned and may be slimmer.... I have been wearing it for a week now, but I think it works that well, but they are perfect under slim pants ore something, 'cuz your legs gets pretty thin and toned, whit the thighs on :D

Read more about it here.

So this weekend I have been partying and just enjoying the thought that I'm finished with my one and only exam this year :D I have also watched a lot of Pokemon and finished the first season of Sailor Moon!
 and it was so awesome! :D:D I think I will write about it some other time too :D


  1. Ohh my you look beautiful! ^ u ^
    You will fall in love with Lush! ^ v ^

  2. Replies
    1. It works perfect, it's a wonderful summery smell, and it also make a wonderful poof for your hair :D you doesn't have to apply it every day ether, so I'm just lovin' it :D

  3. woow this coord is just wonderful.I love all the frills,especially ur skirt ^^

  4. Fantastic! love Lolita style!!!




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