Saturday, May 19, 2012

17th of may! Hurray!

Last Thursday there mas the 17th of May and that means the national day of Norway! :D
Sadly there was pouring rain (of course) and when you have a small delicate umbrella and a huge skirt, your doomed to get soaked :P We went down town for some hours and here are the few photos we got :P

 So some friends of my, Lasse and I walked for our school in a parade, but sadly there weren't many people to see us, because of the rain. Fortunately a lot of people told me I looked very nice this day :D

My face at the first picture was a total derp :P

My lovely firend Sigrid with her beautiful green "Trønderbunad"and Lasse in his gradiuation clothes ("russeklær"), this is a tradition in Norway for celebrating their "last" year of education and 17th of may is the last day, with dirty clothes, hangover, and all this period brings :P

As you might can see, my BF have some My Little Pony characters which I painted for him :D
 Twilight Sparkles little helper Spike!
 The awesome Rainbowdash...

And the first one I drew was cute little Derpy :P

 Las but at least some cute and funny pictures of my cat... since I love him so much! :D

BTW!! I past my driving theory test yesterday! It was so fun :D


  1. Skjer med stakken min da? Huff. Fin dokker da! :D

  2. awh such a lovely couple! i love that wig on you! and of course that bag <3
    i replied to your comment on my blog ^^

  3. lovely colour combination in your outfit ^^

  4. Aww, I'm sorry to hear about the weather! But your outfit was really cute, hope the rain didn't spoil the day for you, haha. ; w ;

  5. Omg I LOVE the drawing of Rainbow Dash, it is so cute!!!

  6. Hei på deg:)
    Takk for dine søte kommentarer:)

    ...fint antrekk du hadde da! Synes det er bra du tør være deg selv jeg...og digger de parykkene*smile*

    ...forresten: De FINE "my little pony" tegningene!

    Klem klem

  7. So cute!

    It'd be great if you could check out and follow me:

  8. Du er så søt!
    Håper du koser deg masse i det fine været nå ihvertfall:)


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