Thursday, May 31, 2012

Finally back :D

Hi guys! I'm so sorry I haven't blogged here on a while, but as I said I was having a mathematics exam last Friday, and since I had taken some pictures, but didn't get my camera after forgetting it at a friends place, by today, the blog post, comes now :)

So last Wednesday I wore Lolita again, and I have to say I LOVE this outfit :D:D it was also very hot, so it was almost too much to wear Lolita.

Even the matching sunglasses looked nice with this outfit :D

Some derpy photos which my friend Nanna took :P

 This Wednesday I also visited Lush for the (almost) first time, and the seller came up to me and told me it was pretty cool that someone wore Lolita! (No one knows what Lolita is here in Norway, Trondheim, so I was pretty shocked :P). She gave me a tour around the store, and I ended up buying some lovely dry shampoo, which smelled apricots :D

I bought some shampoo to, which you use in you scalp, and it should last longer than three normal sized bottles of liquid shampoo.

I also got some free samples of a body lotion and a honey soap.

 I was really happy about this products, and I will totally buy some stuff there again :D
 So I haven't told you but I was told to get some glasses for watching TV and driving and stuff, so last Wednesday I also got these. I really like them, since they're simple and I think they will fit everything :D
 Last week i got some mail, and I finally got this! It is supposed to make you legs more toned and may be slimmer.... I have been wearing it for a week now, but I think it works that well, but they are perfect under slim pants ore something, 'cuz your legs gets pretty thin and toned, whit the thighs on :D

Read more about it here.

So this weekend I have been partying and just enjoying the thought that I'm finished with my one and only exam this year :D I have also watched a lot of Pokemon and finished the first season of Sailor Moon!
 and it was so awesome! :D:D I think I will write about it some other time too :D

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

New camera! :D:D:D

So this would maybe not be a that exiting post, but I told you that I got a camera at my grandpas old house!

So I'm so happy about this! I have a Nikon D60 but it's to huge to carry everywhere, so I have been thinking about buying a small digital camera, and now I got one for free! (sorry if I seem spoiled, but it was my grandpas, if that's an excuse.)

So I think my grandpa got this for his birthday about three years ago, but he has never liked new tecnology, so the box wasn't even opened!

So yea... it is a little "old" but it will work much better than my cellphone, and I can also record videos with it!

yep... I just wanted to share my happiness with you, and I can't wait of posting everyday pictures from it on this blog :D

And by the way, I'm having an exam in mathematics this Friday, so that is the reason I don't spend much time here on Blogger. Wish me good luck and I'll see you this weekend :)<3

Saturday, May 19, 2012

17th of may! Hurray!

Last Thursday there mas the 17th of May and that means the national day of Norway! :D
Sadly there was pouring rain (of course) and when you have a small delicate umbrella and a huge skirt, your doomed to get soaked :P We went down town for some hours and here are the few photos we got :P

 So some friends of my, Lasse and I walked for our school in a parade, but sadly there weren't many people to see us, because of the rain. Fortunately a lot of people told me I looked very nice this day :D

My face at the first picture was a total derp :P

My lovely firend Sigrid with her beautiful green "Trønderbunad"and Lasse in his gradiuation clothes ("russeklær"), this is a tradition in Norway for celebrating their "last" year of education and 17th of may is the last day, with dirty clothes, hangover, and all this period brings :P

As you might can see, my BF have some My Little Pony characters which I painted for him :D
 Twilight Sparkles little helper Spike!
 The awesome Rainbowdash...

And the first one I drew was cute little Derpy :P

 Las but at least some cute and funny pictures of my cat... since I love him so much! :D

BTW!! I past my driving theory test yesterday! It was so fun :D

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Two parasols!

As you which have been following this blog for a while have maybe noticed that I have been wanting a parasol for a REALLY long time now! And at my treasure trip at my grandpas old house I found these two beauties! 

 So these are much smaller than normal umbrellas, but I think you can use them in light rain too :D There where in surprisingly good shape, even though the black one was a little ruined, but you can't notice it at all! :D

The black one is a little longer than the blue one, but they are so small and delicate!

 I absolute love the print on this one, and if it wont be too much rain the 17th of may (which is the national day of Norway), I will use this in a Lolita cord :D

 This one is perfect for a classic-gothic lolita cord, or something, and yea.. I can't wait to use it :D

Unfortunately there where no white ones, which is the one I have been trying to find for the last year, but oh well, I did not expect to find some old parasols from my family at all, so this is just perfect! :D

And today it is the national day of Norway! :D pictures of my outfit comes this weekend :D

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Treasures at old peoples house!

So In my last post I told you about my visit at my grandpas old house, and I found so much cool stuff!

So I just wanted to show you some random stuff :)

My grandma loved to decorate things, but the last years, she only bought stuff, but never used it, so I had to bring some of it home :)

I have always loved to 50's, I just had to have all these "Hits of the 50's" CDs :D

I also found this awesome  old camera!

 I don't think it works, but it was too cool to be laying in the trash.

And last but at least I needed these paintings! The big one is a print of a old norwegian painting, whish I always liked as a kid + the frame is so beautiful! The little picture was just too cute, and yea... :D

I also found some baking molds, kitchen supplies, some old clothes and I will make a post about my new digital camera I also got from this little visit, and two BEAUTIFUL parasols! So "stay tuned" :P

See ya! ='o',=

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Hair the musical and too much to do!

Hi guys! so I'm so sorry I have been so boring lately, but nowadays we have our mock exams, and soon our real exams too! So a lot to do at school + I have no inspiration for my blog, and have no idea of what I can write about :)

So this week I had a mock exam in mathematics, and I really ope it when well.

On Wednesday me and some of my classmates went to the "Trondheim theater" to see the musical Hair!
 I have never seen it before, or watched the movie, so I was very exited.

 But this was perfection! the musicians and the singers where so awesome and it was so fun! And I have to say it, but GOD, so many beautiful people :P

A drawback is that the story vanished a little, and since I haven't heard the story before it was a little hard to know what was really happening :)

On Thursday, I went to the old house of my grandpa, with my mama, and found a lot of stuff (post about it comes soon).

But this weekend is gonna be chill, even though I have to read some history for a test I have on Monday morning. So wish me good luck ;)

Have a great weekend! :D

Thursday, May 3, 2012

New phone case! :D

So you have may be noticed that this wonderful case suddenly disappeared on my last outfit-pictures taken by my cellphone. And that is because it was so ruined that I had to take it of, and I really haven't had time to make a new one.

But this Easter I was in the creative corner and finally made one! 

It was a little random since I just added some random cute stuff, but I think it turned out pretty kawaii, and perfect for the spring and summer! :D

The white is cotton lace which I covered the whole case before I used my glue-gun and added perals, flowers, and other cute stuff :D
What do you think of my new case?
Do you have a decorated case for your phone? :D

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