Monday, April 16, 2012


 As I told you on friday I was going to some flea markeds this saturday, it was so fun! the first one I was visitng was a half hour walk from my place, and it was so nice walking in the sun, dressed in Lolita and listening to music.

So at the first flea marked I got the Wild Child movie, a cute hairclip, a pastel pink skirt, a pastel sax hugo bag, and a light blue jacket, which is perfect for the cold norwegian spring :D I got all this for 8,65 USD and that is pretty cheap here in norway.

At the second flea marked I was going with my dad and his GF, and here I bought a cute mint carebear, a new cupid hello kitty, 80's knitted jumper and Pokemon Arceus movie everything for only 7.7 USD :D

 Here is a beter picture of the jumper, I just had to bought it, its so ugly its nice xD

After the fleamarked we went to IKEA wher my dad got me some new stuf for my apartment.

 Fake flowers, boxes for food and stuff, a white box, and a box opener.

 I have been craving after some plants in my apartment for a long time now, but I just cant handle them, so ha fake green one in a pot was perfect :D

I placed the withe box on the bathroom for my pajamas, so they wont be laying around :P

So my weekend has been pretty nice and I hope you will have a great week :D


  1. You have bought lovely stuff from the flea market!

  2. yess ~ very cute purchases! i'd like to see an outfit photo of your new knitted jumper! :'33
    ♥ ♥

  3. woow i love ur sweater with lovely roses and mint carebear! :)

  4. sant loppis er gøy??
    Haha digger genseren, du burde sy den om til en pute:)
    Jeg ELSKET carebares når jeg var liten, helt opphengt i dem..og my litle pony så klart:)
    Ha en fortsatt fin kveld
    KLem Cathrine

    1. My little ponies! har lett og lett, men de er jo så dyre, og nå selger de bare slike stygge etterligninger på alle lekebutikkene... ja ja man skal vel kansje ikke være 18 å gå rundt å bli sur fordi man ikke finner My little Ponies for å ha selv, skal man? :P

  5. I love the knit sweater,it's too cute! Flea Markets could be great places to shopping!

  6. I like your post so much! These purchases are really gorgeous!
    Take a look and if you want we can follow each others: Cosa mi metto???
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