Thursday, April 5, 2012

More vlogs?

Hi guys! so I'm just wondering, and really want your opinion?
Should I make more videos with me talking and what should I talk about/show you?
So on my old norwegian blog I used to make a video like every sunday allmoust talking about my week and stuff, but I think it is a little sceary on english, and I really want to talk to you and show you something you want to wach a video about! :D

So please write a comment, and I will be doing it :D


  1. i much prefer blog posts, i dont really watch vlogs ^^

  2. Hei du!

    Koselig med fine kommentarer
    fra deg inne hos meg..
    Blir glad for hver eneste en! :)

    Klem fra Ida

  3. I like reading and watching blogs. And honestly, if you would rather speak in your language, I say do it. Just see if you could put subtitles? I think that way you would be comfortable and we could still see your VBlog :)

    ~ Kieli ~


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