Monday, April 2, 2012

Dyeing my hair again!

Hi people, it is finally EASTER!

So last Saturday me and Lasse was babysitting for my lovely half brother, and since my mom has this wonderful bathroom, I finally i decided to do something with my terrible hair color! I have been hating it for months now, so I just had to dye it.

So here was my previous hair color. It looks pretty even on this picture but my roots were ash blond to the sides of my head and then the rest of my hair was a mix of blond and carrot :P 

I chose this hair dye from Granier the color was red-brown 4.6, and I have been using it before and I just love the smell of it :P

 As you can see I used two packages, and I since I have been coloring my hair several times I know that is best for my length. I also think the hair mask to use afterward is pretty amazing and my hair feels so soft afterwards! :D

 Derpy me with the hair color still on. I washed it of after 25 minutes and then wore the hair mask for some hours :)

This is the result with and without flash :D (theses pictures is taken at my apartment again :P) I think it turned out pretty well... the color is a little lighter at my roots, but that makes just the color more refreshing :)
I just hope it will stay like this a while now xD

What do you think?
Have you dyed your hair allot?


  1. Replies
    1. From the first photo I loved your hair colour. It reminded me of strawberry blonde which I think is tre cute^^
      I do like the new look too it suits you just perfectly^^

      I've dyed my hair before but I really regret doing it.
      I have really long hair and I dyed the end part of my hair. Well I had to have it bleached first because I have very dark hair. I then dyed the pieces pink and green. (I was in my punk fase at the time:P)
      Well I had to eventually, when the colour was gone, cut the rest of blonde hair out. Because it was all dead. And since then my hair has been rebelling. :(

  2. love it!! the deep colour in the picture without flash is amazing and looks great with your eyes :)
    I've been wanting to dye my hair red as well, I think I'll look into using Garnier~

  3. Awesome! you look amazing in your new hair color! I tried to dye my hair too yesterday, but I can't see much difference even if i had the color in for an hour -.- maybe i should try two packages too..

  4. Kjempefin hårfarge!
    Eg torer ikkje å farge håret mitt sjølv. Har gjort det ein gong og då vart det skikkeleg mislykka...Fargen vart ujamt fordelt + at etter nokre hårvask, bading i sjø og mykje sol ( var den gong på reise rundt i Australia)vart det meir og meir rosa og eg vart til the girl with the pink hair....not funny at the time:-)Før eg reiste heim til Norge var eg til frisør for å farge over, tenkte eg kunne ikkje reise heim slik:-) Frisøren måtte farge det (mørkt brunt) to gonger for å dekke over og likevel skein det rosa litt gjennom, så farging har eg etter den episoden overlatt til frisøren:-)
    Tusen takk for alle fine kommentarer, det sett eg kjempepris på:)
    God påske!
    Klem Mari

  5. Tusen takk for koselig kommentar på bloggen min:)
    Så fin fargen ble!
    Jeg har i mange år farget håret hjemme..helt til det ble grå-grønn aktig to- tre ganger og jeg måtte bruke ganske MYE penger på å fikse det hos frisør...haha ikke gøy der og da, men morsomt i ettertid..
    Ha en herlig påske
    klem cathrine

  6. I think that colour is gorgeous!

    I am just letting you know I have given you a Liebster award on my blog!

  7. Your new hair colour looks great :D


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