Friday, April 6, 2012

Bodyline wig review

As you maybe know I got two new wigs from Bodyline not so long ago, and here is my review of them.
I'm pretty new on wigs, and therefor I won't use to much money on them, and since Bodyline has released a lot of new wigs, I decided to buy two more. I have also one pink one I ordered last year, and I will be comparing them with the old one.

I have always loved blond, and I think the blond pig-tails wigs is very lovely with Lolita. Since I wont bleach my own hair any longer, and since I haven't been finding any wigs like this to buy before Bodyline released it, I just had to have it!

With flash:

 The cap is nicely filled with hair, which my old wig is not. But I think it also has something with brushing, so I will continue to handle it pretty careful, so it won't end up like a moon on the top.

 The main wig is a little thin, but perfect for everyday use, the fringe is perfect and there is no itching while wearing it;)

 The pig-tails where much thicker and added A LOT of volume! They where easy to attach but I thing the rubber bands where an odd thing to have. Therefore I cut of some of it and tied them hard so the hair won't fall of.

Some pictures of me wearing it <3

 This is the other wig I ordered in deep wine red. I love this color and therefor I tough it would be better with a nice long wig, rather than damaging my hair by recoloring it every month. Picture with flash.

The cap is like the other wig, but it's a little thicker all over.

 The wig goes down to my waist, and rich with curls! I wore it a little longer than the other one while doing this review and I noticed that a lot of lose hair come of. Hopefully this won't continue, and destroy the wig.

 A picture of me with this wig. I just LOVE to have such long hair!

All over I think the wigs are wonderful, and a big differences from the older Bodyline wig, is that they appear smoother and lighter, and I hope they will continue being like this :)

What do you think about wigs?
Do you have any experience with wigs?


  1. Those look so great even if I don't like wigs so much! Blonde one is super cute on you.

  2. Which wigs are they? Like.. the number?

    1. Aww sorry for not writing that but it is the WIG088 and WIG057 :D

  3. wow jeg føler at jeg er i et helt nytt univers...har aldri sett Lolitastil før, du ser jo ut som du kommer rett ut av et eventyr:) Hadde vært supermmorro å tatt bilder av deg engang:)
    Ha en fortsatt fin påske!

  4. Very pretty wigs! You look awesome as a blonde :)

    The only time I wear wigs is when I cosplay for cons xD This year I'll be doing 3 which will be kind of crazy @_@

    ~ Kieli ~

  5. do you still have the red wig (the last one) and does the hair still comes off the wig????

    1. Yea I still have it, and yea sometimes, but mostly when you try to brush it ;) The wig hasn't become thin yet so It's still very usable :D

  6. Very pretty wigs!~ Do you remember what shade of red the red wig is? Bodyline has like 8 different shades of red, and I was curious as to what number yours is. :)


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