Sunday, April 29, 2012

Butterfly birdcage

So some weeks ago I found some decoration-strings with butterflies on, and I just had to buy them for my flower birdcage! I bought both purple ones and pink.

 I chopped of each butterfly so they had like a tail with pearls and glued them around the cage.

 I think it brought more life to this lovely birdcage!

and if you are wondering, I edited these photos at Photoshop. First time I made some pictures look like vintage pictures :P

Have a nice day! <3

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Eucerin cream reviews

The other day I saw there was a sale at my local drugstore for face products, and I decided to finally buy some real face creams. These are both from Eucerin, the jar is a night-cream and the bottle is both for day and night, here is my reviews.

The bottle is both a day- and night-cream for impure skin, to prevent formation of blemishes and blackheads.

The jar is a anti-redness night cream to prevent facial redness often caused by weather changes, sun and ect.

This cream is going to improve your skin condition of skin prone to redness and diffuse flushing within 4 weeks. All the products of this series contains Licorice extract which is naturally soothing and highly effective. It also contains green to neutralize the red color. This cream is also fragrance free :D

So I cleansed my face for night and applied the anti-reddness night cream in my checks and a little on my nose. these areas use to pretty red for me, so this is prefect to get a lighter and more even complexion. The cream is thick and oily, but prefect for dry and sensitive skin like red skin often are. It really feels like you moisture your skin at a maximum level.

This cream is both a day and night cream and called Dermo Purifyer, and contains Lactic Acid, L-Carnitine, Decandiol and Licochalcone A. I have to say I have no idea what these special stuff is, but they are going to remove blackheads and blemishes, naturally moisturize, regulate your skins PH-value,  reduce your skins production of suet, antibacterial and nurse irritation and red skin.

I applied this cream on my forehead, sometimes on my nose and chin, since these are my problem zones. The cream was lighter than the other one and felt pretty refreshing and calming.

This is the result after my first use, and I really hope my skin will be better the coming weeks :D
What is your relationship with facial products and creams?
Have you heard of these products before?

Saturday, April 21, 2012

My week!

This will be a VERY picture heavy post, but I just wanted to make one post of it all :) So my week has been pretty heavy, a lot of school work, presentations, spanish mock exam, and yea..

This is what I wore on wednesday night when I went to the theatre with my class to watch Henrik Ibsens  "Ghosts". Sorry for my fluffy slippers:P
The play was a little boring at the beginning, but the ending was so sad and yea.. I loved it:P

Before the play I went for a little shopping round, and this is what i bought:

Brides Maids DVD (which I have been wanting to watch for a long time, and the new CD by the Norwegian band Donkeyboy :D Please check them out :D

A black polkadoted skirt form kids H&M and a black simple top.

A Black and a white dress/top with bows on form H&M... I just love them!

Some new pair of sunglasses and pompom-hairbands from H&M and some accessories from the kids department.

I just to buy this bracelet with my little ponies! It's so cute :D

And this Little Twin Stars necklace and My Little Pony hairclips and hairbands, with Pinkypie and Rainbowdash!

And last but at least a lovely shorts and "tom-boy"-shirt by Bikbok.

On Thursday I wore the shorts and my newly thrifted jumper, I posted some days ago, but I forgot to take a picture of that, sorry :S

So yesterday, Friday, I wore some of what I bought on wednesday, whit my jacket, I felt it was a little Cult-party kei inspired! :)

I really liked the mix I made, with my cute bracelets and a studded band.

I wore my Rainbowdash hairbands for a simple everyday 80's hairstyle:P

I'm so in love with my new necklace, it's totally my favorite!

And I have to say i just LOVE the weather nowadays, but I hope it will last :P So this weekend I have some more homework to do, but right now I'm just chilling with some episodes of My Little Pony :D Have a nice weekend :D

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

I just need to get it out of my head!

So I'm pretty pissed of nowaday, and it is actually because of Lolita!

So okay.... It actually started with my insecurity of my style the latest months. I have been really inspired by fairy-kei and even hipster styles like nu-goth and pastel-goth, so special styles which is easy to find in normal stores. This has made me pretty terrified of me loosing my interest in Lolita! But it doesn't stop there...

You Tumblr, Lolita and Japanese fashion fans have maybe already seen this clip of Venus Palermo on Daybreak on British TV. I personally do not like her that much but when she's on television and the host tells her that she would be terrified if her kids dressed like this I just lost my mind!

First of all this girl looks like a doll naturally and her make-up doesn't make a extreme doll makeover in my eyes. Second, should teenagers be dressing up like adults or like whores? Cu'z I feel like that is what's acceptable.

Some weeks went and I had forgotten this video, then suddenly a Norwegian reader of mine asked me about this "look like a doll" -phenomenon had a connection with Lolita. I don't blame her at all since she (like many others here in Norway) have no Idea what Lolita and other Asian fashion contains, so I searched for the Norwegian article she red, and I found this:
(unfortunately in Norwegian)

This made me rally loose my head! I was unable to think about anything else and it was the only thing I talked about that day at school. I had become accustomed with English or american media talking shit about Lolita and other "doll-like" styles, but when my own little home country starts this bullshit I'm going mad!

It was the same talking. Venus which is only 15, teaches millions of people to look like a doll and this style and this mask of make-up sends a lot of sexual signals and is pretty damaging among kids. They don't even know that there is Norwegian people that actually have this style and will get pretty upset and provoked by reading it. I can understand the fetishes with ero-lolita, anime characters dressed in Lolita and other fetishes that for some seem odd. I have no problem with that. I have a problem that they are stereotyping people interested in asian fashion and "doll like" styles! I can of course feel sexy while I'm dressed in Gothic Lolita or fashion inspired by other more sexy styles, but I NEVER dress in lolita to be sexy! if I want to dress sexy I choose clothing which send those signals.

Another thing, we have the right to be who we want, to say what we want only it doesn't hurt anyone else, and Norway is one of those countries that this is pretty open and important. Therefor I'm getting pretty sad that I can't  even be myself in my own country without media talking bullshit about it.

At last I came across this livejournal.
This blog/forum really made me ashamed by being a Lolita. How can people talk so much shit about people, famous Lolitas, beginners, fat, skinny, boys or girls. The only thing I see of these people are that they are sad small people who can't even be themselves. I actually know and admires some of these Lolitas which is getting talked bad of, and the saddest thing of all is that they haven't done anything wrong!


I know this last paragraph was a little out of sense, but I just don't know what to do. I'm so disappointed of my self and Lolitas. I know SO many nice Lolitas but the bitches just acquires the hole thing (if you know what I mean). I also am pretty tired of having a style which is so time consuming, so considered by the weather or activity, and by being judged for all the wrong things I stands for.

I just hope this will be better now, when the summer comes, and the weather don't stop me for dressing how I want, and I also really hope I can experiment a lot more.
I sorry if this post was boring, out of context or VERY bad English, but I just needed to tell you guys and I really want to talk to you about how I feel of this.

NB. Some photos are lost due to trouble with google drive.

Monday, April 16, 2012


 As I told you on friday I was going to some flea markeds this saturday, it was so fun! the first one I was visitng was a half hour walk from my place, and it was so nice walking in the sun, dressed in Lolita and listening to music.

So at the first flea marked I got the Wild Child movie, a cute hairclip, a pastel pink skirt, a pastel sax hugo bag, and a light blue jacket, which is perfect for the cold norwegian spring :D I got all this for 8,65 USD and that is pretty cheap here in norway.

At the second flea marked I was going with my dad and his GF, and here I bought a cute mint carebear, a new cupid hello kitty, 80's knitted jumper and Pokemon Arceus movie everything for only 7.7 USD :D

 Here is a beter picture of the jumper, I just had to bought it, its so ugly its nice xD

After the fleamarked we went to IKEA wher my dad got me some new stuf for my apartment.

 Fake flowers, boxes for food and stuff, a white box, and a box opener.

 I have been craving after some plants in my apartment for a long time now, but I just cant handle them, so ha fake green one in a pot was perfect :D

I placed the withe box on the bathroom for my pajamas, so they wont be laying around :P

So my weekend has been pretty nice and I hope you will have a great week :D

Friday, April 13, 2012


Hi guys! so its finally weekend! Even though it has been a short week, it has been hard, and I just can't wait to sleep :P 

Today I finally dressed up again, and it was wonderful to wear my new BL pink JSK at school for the first time.
Outfit rundown:
Hair accessories: H&M, Bodyline and homemade
Blouse: Bodyline
Cardigan: H&M
Flowers: H&M
JSK: Bodyline
Bracelet: Gina Tricot
Over knees: Cubus

Little derpy pictures, but I really like my coordinate. I also used my black BL Mary Jane-shoes, but I didn't remember to wear them on the photo :P

This evening I will just be chillin', but tomorrow I'm going to two flea markeds and I can't wait! I hope I find something nice :D

Have a nice evening darlings<3

P.S. this is my 200 post on this blog! :D thanks guys for making me to want to write :D

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Organizing your drawer

A short little post about organisation in drawers!

As a Lolita I have A LOT of tights and socks and ect, and therefore my drawer has ended up like this:

So I decided that I had to organize it better! But as a student (and as a Lolita, you know where the money goes xP), I don't have a lot of money, and can't buy boxes for everything. Therefore I tried to split up my drawer with carton.

 Pretty: no, organised yes. So now I could put in order everything I wanted to have in this drawer.

This is the result! From top-left: random tights and leggings, striped tights, socks, and over-knees, random colored socks and over-knees, bloomers and stuff, printed under-knees and over-knees.
From bottom-right: Ties from skirts and stockings, black over-knees and tights, and them white over-knees and tights!
Now I just love to see what I actually have, but the question is, how long will it stay like this?
I will try, and I think having your Lolita accessories available, organised and in-sight, makes a lot of inspiration for new coordinates ;)
What do you think of this?
Do you have your accessories organised?

Monday, April 9, 2012

cuteness in the kitchen

So now it is the last day of Easter! This week has been so short, but that's maybe because I have just been chilling and spamming tumblr and youtube:P Last night my best friend celebrated her 18th birthday! I had a blast, but unfortunately I forgot to take a picture of my outfit which was a little goth inspired. 

But anyways, as I have told you before, my interest of interior has been growing allot after I moved into my own apartment. I actually had to add it into my monthly budget, so I have some money to use on it :P

So... some weeks ago I bought some pretty cute jars from a Norwegian store called Kremmerhuset, and I really wanted to show you!

One for sugar and one for coffee, but since I only drink tea, I putted teabags in it instead ;)

I love the colours and the details and the fact that the girl is wearing pretty Lolitaable clothes, which I love!

This is another one I think I will store crackers.

 This one has a little more old fashion touch because of the golden details and darker colors.

Also on this the pictures is amazing, and I love they way it ads so much color and a playful touch in my pretty small kitchen
What do you think?
How has your Easter been?

Friday, April 6, 2012

Bodyline wig review

As you maybe know I got two new wigs from Bodyline not so long ago, and here is my review of them.
I'm pretty new on wigs, and therefor I won't use to much money on them, and since Bodyline has released a lot of new wigs, I decided to buy two more. I have also one pink one I ordered last year, and I will be comparing them with the old one.

I have always loved blond, and I think the blond pig-tails wigs is very lovely with Lolita. Since I wont bleach my own hair any longer, and since I haven't been finding any wigs like this to buy before Bodyline released it, I just had to have it!

With flash:

 The cap is nicely filled with hair, which my old wig is not. But I think it also has something with brushing, so I will continue to handle it pretty careful, so it won't end up like a moon on the top.

 The main wig is a little thin, but perfect for everyday use, the fringe is perfect and there is no itching while wearing it;)

 The pig-tails where much thicker and added A LOT of volume! They where easy to attach but I thing the rubber bands where an odd thing to have. Therefore I cut of some of it and tied them hard so the hair won't fall of.

Some pictures of me wearing it <3

 This is the other wig I ordered in deep wine red. I love this color and therefor I tough it would be better with a nice long wig, rather than damaging my hair by recoloring it every month. Picture with flash.

The cap is like the other wig, but it's a little thicker all over.

 The wig goes down to my waist, and rich with curls! I wore it a little longer than the other one while doing this review and I noticed that a lot of lose hair come of. Hopefully this won't continue, and destroy the wig.

 A picture of me with this wig. I just LOVE to have such long hair!

All over I think the wigs are wonderful, and a big differences from the older Bodyline wig, is that they appear smoother and lighter, and I hope they will continue being like this :)

What do you think about wigs?
Do you have any experience with wigs?

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