Saturday, March 24, 2012

Outfit of the week and a week summary

So this weekend hasn't been any special, so here is some outfits with my latest purchase :D

 I actually wore this last saturday, when Lasse and I ate dinner with my dad and his girlfriend :)
It was pretty unusually for me have such long hair, but I loved the wig and the print on my new JSK :D

I wore this on Tuesday. I a little fairy-kei inspired. I think it turned out very cute, and I have decided that my everyday closet should be much more fairy-kei, it's so comfortable to wear on school and such than Lolita sometimes. So here I tried out my new Blond pigtail wig, my white bloomers, sax striped over knees and wrist cuffs... I actually was a little worried of how people at my school would react of me wearing a wig, but my class (even the boys) thought it was pretty cool, and they couldn't stop touching the bouncing curls :D
On tuesday we actullay had a little driving theory test (yes I'm taking driving lessons nowadays) and I got 6 fails, and that means that I could pass the real test  (if you know what I mean).
On Thursday I had my singing mock exam... I was going to sing "Voy che sapete" by Mozarts Figaros Wedding and "Funny Honey" from the Chicago musical.

Yea I know, two very diferent genres! I was pretty nervous, especial since some of my classmates was watching, (no I haven't sung that much in front of them, even though I'm a music student). But I think it went well, but I haven't gotten my grade jet, so I will update you later ;)
Yesterday I had a driving lesson and even though i felt it went pretty bad, my teacher said I could go from step 2 to step 3 :D that means than I can automatize the car, and now I shall begin with to understand the rules and signs myself... (that's how we're doing it in Norway) :) So I'm pretty happy about that :)
Today has been a pretty lazy day, and I will continue my weekend that way!
Have a nice weekend guys :D


  1. Replies
    1. Whats the quality of the dress like? Ive been meaning to purchase it too^^

    2. It was pretty good I guess.. pretty alike other Bodyline dresses... it was a bit curly though, and shorter than other BL dresses I have bought, but I actually love it and it's my new favorite dress :D

  2. sang du opera christine?! æ må få hør! :D
    - Merethe

  3. Such adorable outfits! I love the Kei one! ♥ Very nice coord and the wig look awesome! And grats on your driving! :D

    ~ Kieli ~

  4. Så nydelege kle, søte du kler det kjempegodt! Fine sangar du har valgt å synge, og utfordrande! Opera!
    Lykke til med lappen!
    Tusen takk for at du legg igjen så fine kommentarer hos meg:-))))

  5. arrrw i like that fairy kei outfit ~ you really should wear that kind of style more often, it suits you pretty much!
    ♥ ♥

  6. Så nydelig! :)

    Spennende med lappen.. Jeg er treig av meg
    og har kun teori og oppkjøring igjen.. Nå
    må jeg virkelig få ræva i gir *knis*
    Lese til kvelden, så skal jeg prøve meg på teorien
    snart... Strøyk første gang - så derfor har jeg furteutsatt det.

    Ønsker deg en fin dag!

    Stor klem

  7. Hei hei søte du!

    Du kler utrolig godt denne stilen, for du ser ut som en søt manga figur :)
    Jeg har hørt og sett lite til denne stilen så det var spennde for meg å komme inn på bloggen din :)

    Ha en fin kveld!

  8. Så söta outfits du har! Ibland önskar jag att jag var lite yngre så att jag kunde klä mig mer kawaii, jag älskar manga! Men när man är 33 så känns det som att man skulle få lite för mycket blickar... :P

    Tusen tack för alla dina fina kommentarer hos mig! :)


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