Sunday, March 11, 2012

Opera and Lolita

So this evening my class was invited to the last rehearsal of the opera Turandot, before the premiere, by our teacher which sings in the choir.

(the video is the final scene of a much bigger production of the opera. But remember Norway is small and I don't live in the biggest city, so to the production I was on was pretty big anyways.)
Only five of us came, and I don't regret it! the story takes place in old China, about a princess which are going to get married. But she's pretty evil and gives her suitors there riddles, and if they don't crack them, they will lose their heads. Then one suitor crack them all and he's going to marry her, but then many other problems appears. The video I added is the final scene where I almost began to cry since it was so beautiful!

I have never been to an opera before, and this was something over the top! The scenery was awesome with typical Chinese houses, and even the Chinese wall! and the costumes was also breathtaking!
The odd part was that they had mixed the story to be like an RPG game in the start, so the main character which wants the princess, sits by a computer and chooses his character and story. Sometimes, they also added effects like how to animate the moon and ect. It's pretty hard to explain but it was a pretty strange combination.

So today I wore Lolita for the occation, and also wore my pink Bodyline wig, which turned out to look so much better on after i teased the top a little. Here I am with one of my good friends Merete, which is a super cute girl! :D


  1. that scenery is amazing!! *_* I've never been to an opera. I imagine it would be hard to follow the plot? Can you actually hear what they are singing? ^^' A shame only 5 people showed up :/ It's such a rare opportunity after all! :)

    1. Since they sang in Italian it was a little hard, but they had subtitles of the lyrics right over the stage, which helped a lot :D

  2. That sounds so amazing, must have been cool ;P and you look really cute :)

  3. Turandot is actually one of my favorite operas! :D


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