Friday, March 16, 2012

New Bodyline haul!

(warning: picture heavy post!)
Today I finally got my two packages from Bodyline!

I was so exited since this was my first purchase since September and that I ordered by myself with my new Visa card! I'm so happy with what I got so really want to show you, enjoy :D

Since I'm really exited for spring and summer I decided to order two new short sleeved blouses, since I've only have one in white. They are so beautiful and comfy even though the pink one is in 2L which should be M, but I have no idea I ordered the big size :S

 I've been wanting some cute poofy pair of bloomers, and even though the lace is of the cheap kind, I think it's lovely, and it's so soft and comfy to wear :D I also got a pretty cute cutsew. one bad thing about it is that the sleeves where pretty tight and the laces itched like hell! so that is something I have to do something with.

 Some over-knees which was so soft and comfy, and some cheap pair of wrist-cuffs. They where a bit curly, but I'll try to press them more smooth :)

 Since my only pair of Lolita shoes where white, I really needed a black pair. They where much higher than my other pair, but they where pretty comfy to wear except for the straps which where a little tight at first.

 Since I don't want to damage my hair by coloring or bleaching it so much anymore, I wanted to have some more wigs. One blond with pig-tails-clipons' and one wine red pretty curly one. Reviews comes later ;)

 And finnally a new JSK (like I need more dresses xP). Anyways, I really wanted a real pink dress for a long time now, and this one has now become my favorite dress. I think it's the most beautiful Bodyline dress I've ever seen, but I think they should expand their choice of lace, since it's white (I think they should be light pink, especially at the end of the skirt) and have no special print on it.

One funny thing is that I think the print is like a combo of Angelic Prettys "Fancy box" and "Decoration Dreams" and Bodyline released this dress before Angelic Pretty did. Even tough the dress should be pink, it also appears light lavender/purple depending on the light, but I have no problem on that. A drawback is the lace which I told you, and that the skirt was pretty curled when I got it, so I have to iron it soon.

 One thing I noticed is that Bodyline has started to have buttons on the straps, so if you are short, you can regulate them so it fits better. Another thing was that it was pretty shorter than I expected (a little over my knees), but as I've grown as a Lolita I have no problem with that, and it only makes me look slimmer and my legs appears longer :)
 Like I said, I'm very satisfied with this purchase, and I can't wait to wear everything :D
What do you think?


  1. The dress is gorgeous! And I can't wait to see you with the wigs ;D

  2. verrrrry prettty!!!!!!!!! *Q*"" i want to see outfit pics <3
    ♥ ♥

  3. Such wonderful things! Congrats on your new card too :) I am so tempted to shop from Bodyline but it's so difficult trying to get help with sizing xD; Glad it worked out for you :) Thanks for sharing!

    ~ Kieli ~

  4. cute stuff!!i want that carding with deer,and i have the same jsk in baby blue :)


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