Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Lolitaboots review

So some weeks ago I told you that I finnally got the Lolita boots I've been waiting for a long time now. And here is the review of it!

 I bought these boots at Ebay and you had to tell them which size you wanted. The reason that it took so long until I got them was that my dad misunderstanded this, but after mailing about the size, they came about two weeks later or so.

 The first thing I noticed was that they was surprisingly light, and the textiles felt fragile and thin. It has a soft layer inside and I hade to take on the shoelaces myself.

As you can see the big minus of these boots is that I'm constantly afraid that they will break fast, but the textile is very comfortable and even though it's light and thin, it also is much warmer than I expected.

 Another minus is that it is no zipper on the sides, so it takes allot of effort to take them on and of, also because I have to be careful so they wont break.

I was also very surprised about how high they felt on. but since they have a big chunky heal and platform, they are pretty comfortable to walk in. I did also order them two sizes bigger than I usually use, so there are space for several tights and also whoolsocks since it's pretty cold here in Norway during the winter.

Without thinking about the drawbacks on these boots I absolutely love them, and I don't have to think about freezing and aching feet after walking in them. I will give these 7/10!

Have a nice day <3


  1. I ordered these in my normal size and i have never wore thicker socks in them! They're warm enough in winter! :)

  2. Those boots are absolutely adorable!!! :)

  3. amazing boots,love the colr and details ^^

  4. omg! im so jealous! your boots are so adorable!! <3


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