Saturday, March 31, 2012

Garnier BB cream and anti-dark circles roll-on

Not long ago BB cream came to Norway, finally! at first it was sold out everywhere, but now I have one myself in light. I also bought a roll-on for dark circles under my eyes, and this post is a little review of these products, Enjoy :)

So the BB cream is a All-in-one moisturiser, whish will give "Visibly  prefect skin"
The product:
- Evens tone.
- Blurs lines &imperfections
- Boosts healthy glow
- 24 hour moisture
- UVA/UVB - spf 15
It also contains Vitamin C + mineral pigments

The anti-dark circles roll-on contains caffeine + lemon essence and is a 2 in 1 Eye Roll on.
It's written that it will:
-Reduce and cover dark circels under your eyes.
- Protect against UVrays
- Gives you a fresh look.

So I tried to take some pictures, but I looked so aweful on the pictures so I decided to throw them away.

I cleansed my face and started with the roll-on under my eyes. the conselaer came at ones, and after putting some all over my dark cirkles I smoothed it out with the finger tips. My look became instantly brighter, and more awake.

Then I started with the BB cream, whish I first thought was pretty dark, but when I putted it on my face the color was perfect. The cream felt a little thick and oily at first, but it was easy to apply, and after only one layer, may face had a more even tone, and brightness. I think this is perfect for everyday make-up. If you may like more cover, try to add a second layer.

So after trying these products some times, I will give them 8/10.


  1. I think I need the one for dark circles under my eyes :-S ;-)

  2. Best eye cream ingredients must be made of all naturals substances because skin that surrounds the eyes is very susceptible and thin that can be damaged by harsh chemicals and artificial fragrance additives.


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